Monday, August 04, 2008

Too Damn Hot!

Someone I know and love is moving south and I'm thinking maybe that's what's causing this heat wave! I don't like summer and this just adds insult to injury. The weather man said it was 104 here (in the shade). But in my shade it looks like this.

Blogger won't let me upload pictures. So imagine a thermometer that says 110
And, in spite of watering every day, my tomatoes and zinnias look like this.

Imagine dead flowers and dead tomatoe plants

There are advantages though. Yesterday I had almost convinced myself that I 'needed' to drive over to the City to check out the 2 LYS and see if I could find something I could afford to make the February Lady Sweater. I have no idea if I could even do it having never knitted a sweater before, but I've read through the instructions a number to times and at the moment, I even think I understand them. So I got all excited and then I opened the door. It was like walking up to a blast furnace. I turned around and came back inside and decided that I'd rather get back in my jammies and knit on my sock. Oh look, there's almost a pair!

Imagine sock #2 about 3/4 of the way done.

I thought I would have them both done by now but got derailed last week with another corneal erosion. This one was different. Usually it hurts like hell (kinda like if you're in shorts and sitting on leather car seat on a hot day..when you get up it feels like all the skin on your thighs just left only this is in your eye); I go to the eye doc, she puts in a bandage contact and pain drops and shazamm it feels all better. Still have to deal with all the drops and stuff but usually in a day or so it's much better and I can get back to fun stuff. This time it wasn't as serious. No cells were lost just kinda banged up and the discomfort wasn't so bad. But the next day something was terribly wrong. I couldn't see worth a darn. If I closed that eye I could see kinda ok, but that eye's vision was like looking at something through moving water. There was no way I could focus. Apparently there was some swelling and since it was over my cornea it was kinda like a faceted something. I dunno. I just know it sucked. I discovered that if I patched it, at least I got rid of all the discordant visions, but my other eye surely got tired of doing all the work. If it hadn't been end-of-month I would have stayed home from work. All's well that ends well and now it's all fine and I just have to get caught up on missed blogs and emails and my 2nd sock.

It's 8:45 PM and I just let the dog out. It's basically dark out, and I checked the thermometer. Oh wow, it's cooling down. Now it's 107! But there is hope. There was a football game on tv last night!!! Woohoo, football once again approaches! There will be an autumn!


BumbleVee said...

Wow.... that eye business sounds bad Susan... what causes it? Do take special care of it ... our eyes are so precious and yet so fragile. I have had problems with dozens of "floaters" the last few years... a big one right now feels like I am looking at something with a spotch of grease on my eyeball. There is macular degeneration in our scares the daylights out of me. Mom went almost blind with was awful for her.

BTW...your entry is pretty funny to read with the "imaginings" ...hhahahha and hey..I figured out what LYS means.... local yarn shop?

Devorah said...

110? Yow!

My tomato plants sympathize with your tomato plants. ;-)

Stay cool and no more eye abrading. You hear?!


Laura said...

Poor baby! Points of knit needles go in the loop, not in the eye, m'kay?

Hee hee!

I also pity the tomato plants! You kids are getting our humidity, which is horrible. We're only in the 90's, but feel as toasty as you.

~FParis said...

O darlin' ... bummer about the eye! And then having no good vision with either one is even bummerer! I hope it's not something that happens too very often!

Hot, Hot, Hot indeed! It's also hot and humid here in California, tho they are telling us the mugginess will go away by the weekend. Hope, hope, hope!

You are one funny womon, for sure ... I love the way you write, and you should seriously consider keeping a diary (I guess that's what this is, eh?) then get it published!! LOL

Cat said...

Oh honey you take care of that eye. What causes that to happen?

Hugs and prayers your way.