Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Stuff

After a week of extremely tiring work followed by extremely tiring evenings, I took Saturday off. Well, almost. I did the laundry first and got some groceries, then hopped into the car and went to the City. Had lots of fun at the LYS, talking and laughing and buying yarn. Most fun was that I had a $20 coupon to turn in on the price. Yay! And there was a stop at Barnes and Noble and Michael's. And a futile stop at Best Buy.

Got home mid-afternoon just in time to watch the first (on tv that wasn't ppv)OU football game! Another yay! Even if I did doze off sitting up and was awakened when a cat climbed onto my shoulder.

Finally play time was over and I thought I'd do the ironing so I didn't have to do it today but bleh...the iron doesn't work anymore. And I love that iron! I think I might be able to fix it but not today. So another trip out to secure a new iron. How exciting is that? And, as another treat, I got a package of those watering balls. If they work, I'm going to get another pair. Some of my plants are rather awkward to water and this could be a lot easier and less potential for mess.

The yarn? Cascade 220 in a deep piney with a sort of blueish undertone for February Lady Sweater. I've never knit a sweater so this should be interesting. I bought yarn for a sweater this summer but I didn't get enough. Note to self...don't just guess at how much will be needed. Today after all the chores I ignored yesterday were done, I sat down to mark the pattern so that I'd not get mixed up on how many stitches were needed in any section. I got out my brand new fluorescent yellow highlighter and was going great guns when ooops...I forgot that it was printed on an inkjet printer and the highlighter smeared the numbers. So I'll print it out at work maybe on the laser. It's always something. :-)

But now it's time for more football..or maybe a nap. I am for sure a happy girl today.


Sara said...

Like the yarn...cascade 220 is what I knit my first socks out of...

Don't you hate it when it messes up the numbers? What about the highlighter - did it get all messed up too????

Those watering ball things - do they really work? Cause I can't keep a plant alive to save my butt!

Sheri said...

Hi there! Great choice of yarn for the Feb Lady Sweater. Mine got frogged when it was 2/3's done. I goofed somewhere.
Sounds like you're keeping busy - washing walls? Wow, I thought my MIL was the only person that did that. :o)
Happy Fall!
Sheri in GA

Devorah said...

So? Do the watering balls work? I was contemplating them just yesterday.

jessie said...

"Iron"? What's an iron?

Love that yarn. The February Lady sweater is adorable. I can't wait to see your progress!