Monday, May 07, 2007

Post Quick

I planned on a post with pictures last night...that was before I discovered that somehow I'd managed to knit my sock together while doing the gusset ROFL. Tinking is on the schedule. So, then I thought I'd post this morning and show you the quilt that got finished yesterday. But thunderstorms are rolling through again ... I can hear the thunder getting closer from the west and loading pics takes awhile on dial up.

We got almost 3 inches of rain during the night and there was some bigtime thunder! I awakened once when the house literally shook, and I could hear things like razors and nail brushes being bounced off the soap dish and into the sink. Good grief...I thought I should get up and turn on the tv and see what was up but I went right back to sleep.

When I did get up another storm was rolling through and as soon as it left, it was tub time and breakfast time and here we go again!

See ya this evening and hope that Monday thinks it's Thursday and is just a pleasantly busy day.


Dave Daniels said...

That is just too perfect that you knitted your sock together. That's a first I've heard of that. I've done that in sewing, whether it was stitching parts of a quilt together that didn't belong, stitching something to my pants when hand stitching, it the time I actually stitched a corner of my finger to a quilt binding using a really tiny needle.
But THIS was great! Take a photo before tinking!

Cookie said...

I can top Dave. I once hooked myself while fishing. /sigh

What's with all that weather, girl?! All that storming really needs to stop, so you can get some rest. *hugs*

Susan said...

Dave, I'm not sure quite how I managed it. But I was knitting the gusset. About 6 stitches short of finishing the right side , I suddenly jumped over to the left side. And finished that side, around the top and back down the right. And then discovered these left over stitches sitting there on their needle. Duh! Perhaps I should have been paying less attention to storm videos. I was in the middle of switching from metal dpns back to the bamboo ones. So that silver colored needle really stood out. Sorry, but it's tinked and no pics. Dang another You Tube moment.

Cookie, I guess we're all just extremely talented! Today was quiet but I hear we may get more rain tomorrow. The soccer fields looked more like giant wading pools but much of it had either been absorbed or drained off by afternoon. I bet the soccer moms are going to have some really interesting laundry though.