Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Batter, batter, batter...

listen to me chatter! OMG I have pre-teen softball chants rolling around in my head this morning! Last night was softball, knitting and the last regular season Deadliest Catch. We won by 2, and The Girl pitched and played a beautiful last inning. And the timing was even right. Game ended; I got home and washed off part of the DEET and settled down in front of the tv. I'm going to miss those guys! One sock is down to the toes now and the yarn is probably infused with bug repellent. Hey a new catch? Tofu, chitlin, and DEET. Why not???

Ohhhhh and some big news while I was offline. The Girl's dad came home from Afghanistan!!!! Woohooooo! She knew he was on his way back but they didn't tell her the actual day until 2 days before he arrived. Not to be mean...just to save her a bit of anxiety, I think. She scared me half to death. I'd talked to her just a few minutes earlier and she was rather cranky as she'd planned on babysitting and it had been nixed. She thought they were saying they didn't trust her, so they finally told her it was because her daddy would be getting home. So I'm sitting here knitting and I hear her flipflops pounding up my steps; she runs in the door just screaming Susu, Susu! and crying. It took a few moments to figure out that they were happy tears.

So, he got home and all is well. They get along great. TG, Dad, stepmom and stepsibs are definitely a family too. She went home with them but they were all back the next day as she had a game so everyone came to watch and we all went out for pizza afterwards. It was so amazing to watch all the girls interacting with him. I liked him a lot from what little time we got to visit. And somehow so far he's managed to be Dad but not overpowering or spoiling. Hard to do, I would think. And definitely kudos to the stepmom who seems to be the axle that keeps everything spinning in the right direction.

During the game last night, I heard some mom telling another person this story. Needless to say, TG had introduced him to all her teammates and anyone else she could find. The other person says "Wow it's like a tv movie...except he isn't a secret criminal". Too funny!


Dave Daniels said...

It's always great when one of the service remembers returns home, regardless of the personal issues. Just having them back is a relief.
Not batter, no batter, no batter!

~FParis said...

HA! Funny Dave! That's almost as bad as *It's a small world after all, it's a small, small world!!* LOL

Great seeing you post again (((((Susan))))) and great news about the grrl's dad gettin' home safe! Always a good thing indeed!

Cookie said...

What a wonderful semi-surprise for her and what a relief to have him back home.

What are we going to do without the crabmen? o.0

Laura said...

It's weird when they come home, but in a good way. Like, they're a guest, but not really, you know?

When Dirk was in Kuwait, I tried to keep his R&R leave secret from Vickie. Just a couple of days before he was due home, I had to tell her. She had tears in her eyes from missing him and I couldn't stand keeping the secret. She didn't believe me until I showed her the emails, silly kid.

Now, you had DEET from softball, chitin from the Deadliest Catch, but I don't see where you had tofu. :D Yes, it's in the yarn, but not in your tummy. Or pushed to the side of your plate.

Devorah said...

That is so sweet! It is wonderful that she is sharing all of this with you and that you, in turn are taking it all in.