Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Back Again..

and feeling rather like a turtle. I swear, everytime this thing come home it works slower. I know, I know, I have dialup. But trust me, it never took 3 minutes to load a blank blogger page before. /sigh. And last week was a real bitch at work so the last thing I wanted to face was a barely moving computer. However...I'm all rested now, so here ya go.

I've tried to visit all your blogs but due to the slow speed I'm not there yet. Sorry, I will make the rounds. It's just that loading all the pics I've missed takes forever. Plus, and this is weird. Since it's slow I get tired of waiting; go off to do something and totally forget to come back. I guess I really and truly got out of the internet habit *G*.

What have I been doing? Well, I've made 4 skirts for summer; sorted a lot of cabinets; read books; watched Deadliest Catch; went to softball games; went out to look at wheat; tried to keep from being eaten alive by mosquitos; started and frogged a sweater 3 times at least and knitted some socks.

First of all the Cookie socks. Cookie sent me the yarn since I couldn't find any here...and I think that whoever thought up the color scheme must have been growing lantana and yarrow in their flower garden.
Specs: Sockotta
Standard sock pattern made short for summer on Crystal Palace #2 bamboo dpns.
Time spent: I have no idea.
And then these are in progress

Yarn: Knitpicks Memories
Color: S'mores.
Pattern: Cider Moon's Campfire Socks
And again Crystal Palace bamboo #2s

The ribbing is so fun to do, and went really fast. I thought about carrying it down on the foot like I was supposed to but it's pretty thick and sproingy and I wasn't sure how it would feel in my shoes so I chickened out.

And that's that. I'll try to be around more often! Oh...and Laura didn't come to my house. Tricker!


Devorah said...

Welcome back! My you have been productive. Has the Girl's team been winning?

Susan said...

Devorah, I'm not sure what their win-loss record is..I sorta lost my paper where I was keeping tabs LOL. But they've done really well. Beat the longstanding number #1 team but got a little too sure of themselves and lost to them in overtime the next game. For a selfish reason I was really glad when it was over. It didn't start until 9:15 and this Susan was past ready for bed by the end. Plus I still had to scrub all the insect repellent off *G*

Laura said...

Yay! You've posted and have pictures! I've been wondering how the S'mores colorway would knit up, looks perfect for a guy's sock. It's tough finding yarn colors for the guys in my life. They like basic black socks, but knitting them drives me nuts.

Sadly, no, we didn't stop. I did wimper when we drove by. :D I LOVE my coasters, by the way. I'm only using one at a time so they'll last longer. One is here by the computer, even as I type.

Middle finger, huh? I expected me to be that, since I'm PMSing this week. But no, I'm the ring finger. :)

Cookie said...

You're back! :D

I read that as "cookie sucks". *L* I love how those turned out. Now I need to get some of that yarn. And I like the smores, too. I just ordered some of that yarn.

I hope your computer/connection issues get sorted out soon.


Sheri said...

Glad to see all is well. Wondered where you'd been hiding. Welcome back!!
Love the S'mores. I'll have to check out that yarn. Nothing tastes better than a S'more, maybe they wear well too. :o)
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

Laura, I'd love to have some handknit black socks, but I'll stick to store bought. I just can't see the stitches on the black. Looks like the feet on these s'mores are just going to be one row stripes. I'm glad you aren't the pinky..I'd have to stay away.

Cookie, actually I got several colors in that group when they were on sale. I love inexpensive! I have a blue and green and a dark red and something and uhhh oh I think some blue. I can't remember and am too lazy to go look. I liked the Sockotta much better after I learned how to handle it. More like crochet thread. My second sock has much better tension, I think.

Sheri, I hope they wear well. I did kind of think about somehow putting the ribbing on the bottom of the foot and regular stockinette on top for a cushioned effect but couldn't quite get it figured out.

KatyaR said...

You're back, you're back--you scared me half to death (but I have a tendency to over-react at times).

I don't envy you trying to catch up all your blog reading . . . .

Susan said...

Katyar, I think I will never be caught up. I started on yours this morning and I'm still loading pics. Looking super! If I find myself disappearing again, I'll call or send you a note. Can't have you half to death!!

Ann said...

I missed you so darn much!!!!