Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Grief!

I didn't realize it had been that long since I last posted. I wish I could tell you I'd been off on a fabulous vacation to England or Colorado or..anywhere, but alas I've been right here just bumbling around in my usual manner. Things have been accomplished thought. Two closets are neat and tidy. All the stuff in the china cabinet has been washed or dusted (none of which is china..I don't have any of that). A sundress/housedress has been cut out..interfacing fused but nary a stitch. The storm door has been transformed into a redneck piece of art with the assistance of a roll of screen and a lot of duct tape. But hey, I can now let the morning and evening breezes in without all the bugs.

I did finish a house sock today. I kinda screwed it up. The little diamonds were to start higher on the top of the foot. However, I made the flap longer than directed and it fits great. I got so busy doing the gusset I forgot about the diamonds.

Pattern: ROY G. BiV but I call it my PRIDE sock. (Sorry...but I can't get the link to work even though it's still there. If interested, go to and look in the side bar. It's a fun knit.
Yarn: Cascade 220 charcoal and lots of odds and ends
Needles: #4 bamboo dpns for top and #5 for bottom (all that stranding takes up space and it was too snug

Now I just have to make another one. I'm tempted to do something different on the foot part..maybe stripes. After all, if I wore them with boots nobody would ever know they were different and I need to work on jogless stripes.

And more color. Flowers everywhere



Zinnia (with a volunteer tomato plant growing in the pot with the flowers)

Tiger Lily


Devorah said...

Great sock!!! I like the diamonds down at the bottom.

Sara said...

Cool sock! I really like it! Hey, good thing you posted today - otherwise your phone would have been ringing!!! :)

Love the tour of the flowers!!!

Cookie said...

Love the sock!

Sheri said...

Very cute. It looks nice and snuggly!
Sheri in GA

Cat said...

Yeah a post!!!!!

The flowers are so pretty. How awesome that you are also growing Yarrow.

Love, love the socks.