Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten on Tuesday and a Treat

I don't know how to get the Ten on Tuesday logo thingy. Was I supposed to sign up?
But this week's is Ten Inventions That Have Made Life Easier.

Here's mine in no particular order.

1. Automatic transmissions. Oh yeah I loved my stick shift vehicles, especially my VW bug. But time passes, and I'm glad I can just sit and drive without calisthenics.

2. Air Conditioning. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't like hot weather. Gone are the days when I thought it was fun to be outside baking my skin. Give me cool anytime. My carbon footprint could probably be smaller if I'd turn up the thermostat, but those footprints are cool.

3. Microwave..oh yeah baby! Nuke it for 2 minutes and dinner is ready. For gourmet, I might have to go 3 minutes.

4. Calculators. I remember my mama working on something called (I think) a comptometer. It took up almost half of our kitchen table. I really can add and subtract and multiply and divide, but it's truly nice to know I can do this on my calculator and it will be correct.

5. Sewing machines. Ever made a dress by hand?? It takes a really really really long time. So long that by the time you get it done, the event you were making it for is only a memory.

6. iPods. I still don't have one, but the idea of having all my music in one place is, to me amazing. And books too! And I just read this weekend that you can sort your music into catagories..so if you want to listen to what I call NY music, i.e Manhattan Transfer and such, you can choose that 'folder'. I did discover an internet radio station this weekend where you can type in an Artist and they analyze the music they produce..i.e, close harmony, intricate arrangements and play a bunch of other stuff that fits. I love it! But ummm...I didn't bookmark it and can't remember what it's called. Sorry.

EDITED TO ADD the station is called Pandora.com Thanks Katya!!

7. Oxygen concentrators. Used to be people on oxygen were tethered to giant tanks. Now there are contraptions that could fit in a messenger bag that sort through the air around us and produce oxygen so that you can go and do and still breathe. Makes going and doing possible for a lot of folks.

8. Digital cameras. I love mine and lust after newer, smaller ones. No more totally missed pictures cause now I know if it didn't work and can try again.

9. Tshirts. Although I love to iron (I know..I'm weird) I really am glad I can have something so comfy to wear with such little maintenance. I do press the ones I wear to work because I don't dry them in the dryer, but that takes a lot less time than ironing a shirt.

10. And of course, the internet. Without which, I wouldn't even know you and I probably wouldn't know how to knit either and what a bad day that would be.

Now...for the treat. This came in some email list. It makes me wish I could count to ohhhh...maybe 10, and could have become a scientist so I could see this in real life!
Magnetic Movie


KatyaR said...

Was your music station Pandora? It's pretty cool.

Cat said...

I definitely agree on your 10 list. I am the same way I so love to iron, I don't there is something peace like in doing it.


Devorah said...

Never heard of an oxygen concentrator. Cool!

Have a happy Friday.

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