Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Luck, Bad Luck

That's what Friday was about. I had a cardio appointment in the City and it's a given that I take the whole day off to do it. (I got med samples yea! And he wasn't nearly as concerned as my PCP is about my leg swelling. He thinks most likely it's related to crashing it on the step back in April) I love going to see him. He seems to be one of those docs that you either love or hate and with me it's the former. Usually these days turn into mega shopping days since I'm very close to lots of choices. But I was good. I bought one ball of pearl cotton and a magazine. And yummo lunch at Cheeseburgers in Paradise. I could only eat half of my cheeseburger but the fries were history. And yes, my doc said that was fine...only not every day! On the way out of the City I stopped and got a big cup of iced chai latte at Panera Bread and headed back west. One more stop and I would be home for a long afternoon. I stopped in Yukon..a town about 10 miles east of me to pick up some stuff at the drugstore and then made a decision to skip the interstate and come home on Route 66 so I could enjoy my drink and look at cows and barns and such.

I'd just got into my city limits when I heard this really loud noise. It was the right rear tire which had just sorta disintegrated. I was barely off the pavement and pulled up a bit further at which time it just basically fell off the rim! Bad news!! And it was one of my 'good' tires. But good news..I wasn't stranded on the interstate! Fortunately I found a friend that was home. Long gone are the days when I could change a tire by myself. He got the spare on and I limped to W*mart for a new tire. Bad news! Jeez! Tires are expensive. Even the low end of the scale. But since there is no public transit here, quite necessary. Good news! I just got paid!So, with Lily waiting in line, I proceeded to do the grocery shopping for the week.
Bad news! Everything just keeps getting more expensive. Good news! I didn't need a lot. Finally after standing in the tire center for what seemed ages, I was ready to go home. I was exhausted! I was soooo glad to see my little home.

But all of this saga pales into comparison when I think of Mama Squid's day! Shewweeee! See I was right. NYC IS all about YOU!

Saturday, I ended up dragging much of the stuff in the living room into the dining room and shampooing the carpet. I can't say that it's perfectly clean but it's a lot cleaner than it was that's for sure. I managed to block the computer so I didn't have that to get lost in. I didn't take out the big bookcases or the old cabinet tv that holds my little portable. Or the love seat, as I can scoot it around. And ya just need to sit down sometimes! But everything else was out including the cedar chest that serves as my coffee table. The little bookcases. The bead bookcase. The knitting baskets etc and the two chairs.

I put my current knitting (a scarf), the tv and dvd remotes, and the book I was reading into a little sqaure box and set it up on the dvd player.

You know, I rather liked the emptiness. Maybe because it's summer and in summer things need to be lighter. Later that night, as I got ready to go to bed it took all of 5 minutes to clear my space. Fold up the wooden tv tray that had held my drink. Knitting and remotes into box. Glass to kitchen sink. The end! No random pencils, piles of magazines or patterns that needed to be put away. Since the dining room was still all piled up with stuff, I tried not to look at that. :-)

Yesterday was all about putting things back and doing laundry and watching movies. And now finally I can get to the computer without trying to read/type standing up.
All's well that ends well. And it would really be 'well' if I could find the paperwork to my new tire. I still have hope. I didn't find my regular set of car keys until bedtime last night. I'm not sure why I used them (apparently) as a bookmark in a library book that I finished last Wed. /shrug!


Dave Daniels said...

OMG, I am SO tired just reading about everything you did. I'm glad that you're getting along so well with your doctor. (I'm looking for a new one myself.) :) Have a relaxing week with your clean carpet!

Sara said...

Hell, woman, I'm worn out just reading all the stuff you did... glad you like the new doc...I love my new doctor! she is awesome.

Looks like you did good on cleaning the carpet...

Only have 2 boxes left to unpack - then I'll take photos...I promise...

Devorah said...

Glad the doc appointment went well, sorry about the tire!

You were one busy lady this weekend. Kudos to you! And Hugs, too!

Cat said...

My goodness GF you sure are a busy person. I am so glad everything turned out okay with the tire blow. Geez between you and Squid you guys sure leave my heart palpating.


Laura said...

Chances are, you were going slower on 66 than I40, good for having a blowout. I'm glad you're ok.

Your home is charming and gorgeous. I can only wish my own were as clean. :D

P.S. I owe you an email and thanks SO much for the b-day card. You're a doll.