Sunday, April 30, 2006

Houston, we have balls!

Well 3 little balls about the size of a ping pong ball that are the results of my messy experiments last night.

The ball on the right is Fishermans' wool that was dyed with Kool Aid back when I dyed the sock yarn that I'm using now. It's important today because it's the first time I used my brand new ball winder! Oh how cool it is! I could wind the world I think...well at least if I could get a bit of it in the slot in the middle.

In other dyeing news I now have a partially dry mass of wool. Since it's Jazz Fest in New Orleans this weekend, and I'm not there, I decided to dye this in purple, green and gold (well yellow) in honor of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Ummm I think I have a lot to learn about this dyeing stuff. I used a whole bottle of green and purple Wilton's and probably 2/3 of a yellow bottle (part of it got used up last night) When I put it to steam it was purple, green and yellow with very little bleeding but afterwards, it looked like this. It's almost as if in some places the purple broke...and became red and blue. I'm anxious to see what
it looks like dry and wound up in a skein or a ball...and to see how
it swatches.

I'm tired tho. For some obscure reason I took the perfectly
manageable skein of Knitpicks and using upside down tv trays
made it into a skinny skein that was really really long. And
since I'm a bit taller than a tv tray I spent what seemed like
forever bent over as I wound it. I think a nice soak in the tub
is called for.


Dave Daniels said...

Holy moley that yarn in the bottom photo is fantastic! Such vibrant colors. You must feel so pround!

Ann said...

Great Stuff! I asked Santa for a knitting swift and ball winder for Christmas. I think I have used it more this weekend with these projects than I ever did before.

So, you did the stretch out the yarn dance this weekend too? I put the yarn on the swift and walked around two chairs in my kitchen musical chairs style. Thank heavens I was home alone, or my family would think I had gone off the deep end..again.

I love your yarn!


Kirsten said...

I know how you feel about the ball winder. It's the best toy ever! I love the Jazz Fest yarn. Can't wait to see that one wound and swatched.

jessica~ said...

Love that Jazz yarn!!!

Susan said...

Kirsten, you have any idea what went wrong with my Wilton yarn?

Jessica, thanks! It really is pretty although some of the colors hid in the ball or else it's all on my hands!

Susan said...

Ann, I'm planning on asking the cats to get me a swift for Christmas! They're usually pretty agreeable...of course, I have to do the shopping for them but oh well

~FParis said...

Beautiful stuff m'friend!!