Monday, April 10, 2006

Trying Dyeing

I thought I would try my hand at dyeing using Easter egg dye. Interesting colors once they were liquid. The purple was really maroon. So, I made some out of the red and blue. I think the green was called spring green. And the blue..well it was called blue. There is also a denim blue which has a teal cast. Anyway, with directions printed out and spread out on the cook top, I began using Knitpicks yarn. I was looking for vibrant colorsSo I really put on the dye. btw, I have no idea why all this is being underlined. However, after steaming it and it got dry, this is what it looked like..And this is even a little more vibrant than what it is in real life. More like very dusty southwest. It was a lot of fun and now, since I've finally got in rolled up in a ball I think I'll go swatch. And hopefully next time I won't have this underline crap!


Dave Daniels said...

Those colors look pretty good. I like your Southwest Blend. lol

jessica~ said...

Did all the yarn come off when you rinsed the skein? The light colors came out nice anyway. I like all the different colors!