Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's All About the Numbers

It's the ever dreaded end-of-month so lots of numbers swirling around at work today.
And payday is Friday so I spent part of this evening writing out checks for bills so they can go in the mail Friday morning. I'm glad I can pay bills but I surely wish there was more left over!

At lunch time I ran (well ok drove) to the quilt shop to get a piece of plain white fabric for a new partly embroidered, partly quilted pillow. I got 2/3 of a yard and gathered up enough stuff tonight to make a small load of stuff and prewashed and dried it. Get out the iron and ironing board to press and whoa...what a crookedy piece of fabric. Lost about 2 inches total. I think I can squeeze out what I need but I hate when it does that. I expect a bit of wonkiness, but this was much more than I had planned on. Glad that I always get more than I need (not that I ever screw anything up heh)

But while I had the tape measure out, I measured my waist (a scary prospect) and discovered that I've lost 2 inches!!! Thank you oatmeal! LOL

And I'll leave you with another number...2 blossoms on my violet which, in itself, is a bit of a miracle!

Now I shall go see how many minutes it takes me to go to sleep.


jessica~ said...

Wow! Two inches? That is great!
Pretty violet :)

~FParis said...
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~FParis said...

Ooops, I boo-boo'd up there! LOL ... gorgeous flowers and congrats on the lost inches! I know where they went, so I will now start eating more oatmeal!! HA!

At the CC, I make it with chopped apples and cinnamon and brown sugar ... do you think that will help?! It tastes soooo good!

Anonymous said...

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