Friday, December 15, 2006

Birthday Goodies

It was a really fun day at work. I got some great gifts! New little coffee plaques for my kitchen. And coffee too! A new pj set that has pants, top and a cami and they even fit. New houseshoes. You might think they know I love my nightclothes LOL. A new pic of The Girl and she's bottle feeding a baby tiger (at the fair). And two boxes of cereal. What, you don't know that folks get cereal for their birthday? *G*. Last year I got laundry soap, but I'm well stocked on that thanks to a sale so it's cereal.

I solicited hugs all day and got them too! And the actual work went well and productively. I did have to spend some time writing Christmas cards to the other dept. And had fun doing that since I tried to think of a little joke or snarky comment for each of them.

And then, once supper was over, dish washed (gotta love microwave cooking) and the pets tended to, well then I did nothing. That's not really true, but I did no chores, paid no bills etc. I got to talk and laugh with Ann on the phone. It was our first time and it's such fun to put a voice with words on a screen. And I knitted on the house socks which is going so well and fast. I think I need to make me some boot socks. It's nice to have them appear so rapidly with the worsted weight yarn. And I watched a new to me tv show called Men In Trees. I thought it was going to be more like Northern Exposure (I have this thing about Alaska). Last night's episode seemed to be mostly about sex LOL.

All in all, I can't was a very good birthday made even brighter by the wishes from y'all. I'm not sure, but I think my coworker thinks all this online friends thing is a bit insane. She is sooooooooo wrong!

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Ann said...

I had a great time talking to you last night..lots of LOLs. I got to talk to you and Sara both within a week of each other!

We internet people are weird and crazy you know?