Thursday, December 21, 2006

Everyone's Confused!

I'm not the only one. Last Sunday I ordered 2 books and a calendar from Barnes and Noble online. (Couldn't let that big percent off coupon go to waste!) Tuesday I got an email from them saying that one book and the calendar had been shipped and that I had chosen expedited shipping. I don't think I did, but they didn't charge for it so ok. However, they weren't able to ship one of the books just yet. None of this was Christmas stuff so that's ok but it made me laugh. The title of the book is Folk Shawls, and it was ordered because I fell in love with the wool peddlar shawl that Kirsten made for her mom. (I don't know how to link to just one post but it's maybe the 3rd one down from the current post). "Uh huh", I thought. "Everyone is ordering that book because of her!"

So yesterday I get an email from them that Folk Shawls has now been shipped and that today I can click the link to see when it will arrive.

I get home from work and there are two book packages on the porch. How odd? They shipped that little mini calendar in it's own package? Oh well, it's their dime. I open's the other book AND the calendar. I open the other package and it's Folk Shawls! Dang, it's here even before the arrival date has been posted on the UPS site! Now that's fast! I browsed through the book quickly and it looks great! I really can't see me flitting around daintily with a really lacy shawl, although I wish I could present that image. But the Wool Peddler is a bit more substantial and I love it. Now to save up for the yarn!

I didn't head to the City for the paperwork, but I called and they said they would hold it for a week or two so maybe today I can get over there. I had a Dr. appt for a bit of simple in-office surgery. Ha..that sounds a lot more serious than it was. Just some skin stuff. But I'd been told to do it at the end of the day. I'm not sure why. The multiple bandaids were more uncomfortable than the procedure. Yay. Now that's off the list too!

Left there and went to Walmart for gumdrops. I had seen these really cute gum drop wreaths (again scroll down) over at one of my favorite eye candy sites and I wanted to make mini ones for my office buddies. Easy project and only need 2 of them. So what did I do last night?

Slept! I came in still jazzed with the idea. Made a quick supper of oatmeal. Peeled off the bandaids. And suddenly was sooooooooooooooo sleepy and tired that I thought I would just tump over. Curled up on the love seat for a short nap and awakened a little after 9 pm! So much for a crafty evening. Instead, I casted on for Cookie's Mistake Rib, knitted maybe 2 inches in bulky yarn LOL and went to bed. I did try to see how I held the needles and I think I hold my arms out away from me, rather than up close like with the dpns. Maybe that's the clue. And maybe tonight I can make a couple of little wreaths. I can only hope. I'm not sure that a sugar plum wreath (and just what ARE sugar plums) would be appropriate for New Years.


Anonymous said...

We've been having issues with Collins Street Bakery. We'll do everything right, between my husband and I, but the bakery will give us goofy emails. Odd, but as long as we're not sending fruitcakes to the world, I guess it's ok.

I forgot to mention, I love those green socks! What yarn is that? It's lovely and I'll have to order it before the yarn diet kicks in. :D

Since you've blogged about your surgery, you'll have to blog about how it went.

Cookie said...

If you click on the word "permalink", you'll be taken to the post you want and the URL will be the one for that that post alone. ;^)

I bet they didn't e-mail you till they had already mailed your packages. *L*

Anonymous said...

The candy wreath looks adorable...I am going to have to make that next year.

About the Wool Peddlar's shawl - the pattern is really pretty! Can't wait to see what your shawl looks like...

cat said...

Hey sweetie, I hope all okay with the minor skin stuff surgery.