Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Hi and here's hoping you've had just a lovely and fun filled holiday. Or, perhaps a long nap! I've had the last 2 days off..well Tuesday and today and it's been busy although not quite what I had planned.

Crossing things off the list:

Make 19 neck coolers for Sprite's guys. Done.

Actually I made remember? I sometimes can't count worth a damn. Actually one of the extras was planned as I had to get a different brand of water crystals and wasn't sure how much to use. So one was a beta cooler and will be mine. The other extra one was just there. And then today, I read in a magazine a note from a grandmother who was asking for cards and stuff for her g'son in Afghanistan. So he'll get the other one. Along with some treats that won't fit in the box for Danny and crew.

And that was all that was on the list. A great 2 days of nothing that had to be done. That is, until I took some stuff to the basement yesterday and discovered that some of the 12+ inches of rain that we've had made its way in somehow. It takes a really long time to suck up much water one gallon at a time. Every 3 gallons that were dumped into the bucket had to be carried upstairs to dump so I've gotten a lot more exercise than I'd planned. And I spent some time on the pity potty, but everything is pretty much dry now..and the sun shined yesterday AND today. It did rain for awhile this afternoon but didn't last long. And I'm ever so tired but smiling.

I'm thinking that going back to work can be a good thing *G*


Devorah said...

There are definitely times when being at work is better then time off. *g* Sorry about your basement.

Cookie said...

I hope the basement stays dry from now on. What an icky way to spend a day off.

~FParis said...

Hope all stays dry for a long, long time, in your dwelling, that is ... if your state needs rain, then, well, you know what I mean! LOL

Hope you poured some of those buckets towards the west! heh

Susan said...

Devorah, work was actually pretty funny today. A good trade off for sure.

Cookie, I agree. But one thing about it..the basement floor is really clean now. *G*

Paris, me too! If it wasn't cost prohibitive, I would have poured some into bottles and mailed them to you.

Ann said...

You are a wonder woman!!!

~FParis said...

Wouldn't it be grand if they could put a siphon-type hose in and filter it over to those who need it?! LOL ... one of these days they'll figure out a way, I hope!

Laura said...

Wait a minute! You have a basement AND am in Oklahoma? What happened to your cellar? Ha ha! I so hope nothing you loved was ruined.

Susan said...

LOL Ann, it was more like "I am woman, hear me whine!"

Francee, sometimes that's called irrigation *G*. I'm sure if they could figure out a way to relieve drought they would although I'm thinking the cities would get the most for their lawns and pools.