Tuesday, July 10, 2007

~~Hey now, you're an all star..

get your game on. Play!~~~ Oh sorry, I was singing. I watched that new tv show The Singing Bee tonight. I had so much fun. And, if I'd been brave and actually on the show I could have won some money. I love to sing! And I can't sing worth a flip. I can't remember what I need to go do, but I can remember song lyrics that nobody needs to know. So I had a great time watching the show and trying to help the contestants. Although I'm not too good with more recent songs.

I don't think I'll try to knit anything that requires counting next week when it's on though. But I caught the mistake in time, frogged back and now have one repeat (4 rows) on my little beaded bag done. One thing about frogging back when there's beads on that row...you don't have to move them all down. They are just about in the right place.

And, more excitement. I had to go to W*mart tonight for eye drops. In my store, across from the drugs is a section that I guess you would call seasonal. It's been a place to find lime green plastic glasses and such but now....are you ready??? School supplies! OMG how I love school supplies and/or office supplies. New crayons and folders and notebooks and pencil cases (good for holding dpns). Glue sticks in bulk packages. Highlighters. Rulers and compasses. All good things to me. I did weaken but I only got a new folder and new crayons. The crayons will go to work. From time to time we have little ones (kids or grandkids) come visit at work and my crayons disappeared. They were in pretty bad shape and I probably, in some moment of needing space and organization, tossed them. I didn't realize they were gone until they were needed for one of my young friends the other day. But now that's remedied and ...I had a good excuse for purchasing them. Even more fun would be to go to Staples and check out school supplies there, as well as all the nifty office stuff. Can one become a collector of sticky pads?

And, it didn't rain after the sun came up! It rained in the night I'm told, but I slept through that. And now it's time to go sleep again. Good night, sleep tight.


Devorah said...

School supplies? Eek! We only finished school 2 weeks ago.

Sheri said...

I noticed the school supplies in my Walmart too. Yup, I love that section but, I have so much stuff in this house, I didn't buy a one! Maybe next time. Nothing like a new notebook and the latest, greatest pencil.
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

Devorah, we finished in May, and dang they cost so much, I would think most families need to get a head start on the list.

Sheri, oh I'm so proud of you! I talked myself out of a really cool notebook. I couldn't come up with a reason why I'm working on it LOL

Ann said...

I also love the office supply aisle..I have to stay out of it...or I am doomed!

Susan said...

Ha ha Ann! I guess when we go shopping, we'd better skip Staples???

victoria said...

I love school supplies too! Hard to believe their out already, thought, isn't it?
Thank you again for my wonderful surprise!!!!You brightened my day!

Susan said...

Victoria, oh, I'm so glad it made you smile! You've certainly added a lot to my life with your posts.

As for school supplies, I noticed yesterday that there is even more now! Eeek..I must be strong *G*