Sunday, July 08, 2007

Is There a Prize?

If none of the numbers on your lottery ticket are even part way close to the winners? I thought not. But it was 7-7-07 and 7 is my favorite number so I thought it worth a try. I guess, though, that having a totally sunny day for the first time in forever was enough good luck.

I celebrated the sun by going shopping after the usual errands were done. It was rather odd to just leave whenever I felt like it instead of trying to dodge rainstorms.

I was on a mission though. I had a trunkful of stuff to drop off at the thrift shop ran by the no-kill rescue pet shelter place. And I wanted to buy some tea. I signed up for the Yarn In A Teacup swap and I thought it would be nice to include some tea. Now, I drink a lot of tea but almost all of it comes from the grocery. I do NOT have much tea knowledge. I trust my chai and the ones made by Celestial Seasonings, and then local tea for iced tea. However, I had discovered that there was a tea shop in the City. So, off I went.

A Time for Tea was in a strip mall but quite nice inside. Lots of people enjoying a summer afternoon lunch...or maybe a fancy tea. And tea to purchase?? Ohhhh my yes. Lots and lots of teas...none of which I had a clue about. So, I went by the name. The lady that rang me up said it is very good. But what was she going to say? "It tastes like poop?" So, blogless Kate, that's all the clue you will get. *G*

And since gas prices went up almost a dime/gallon in a couple of days, it was important that I do other things since I was already there.

Hobby Lobby was kind enough to have a small package of roving (I'm thinking up a needle felting thing).

Then,Barnes and Noble provided me with iced chai, a new Simply Knitting magazine with little sheepy needle protectors and this..

Yum! I can't remember what it was called but it was worth every cent.

And then I went to the yarn store. It was good to see one person that I hadn't seen since last summer. Everyone was all agog about knitting the Mystery Shawl and as it was the day for the Saturday afternoon knit-in, it was quite busy getting tables set up etc. And then the owner's new granddaughter came to visit. At the advanced age of 12 days she wasn't really impressed, but her older brothers were so funny as they competed at helping take care of her.

And then it was time to come home to the little red dirt house. Time to kick back and look at the new magazine. And time to go to bed early. Shopping can be tiring.

This morning was about yard work until I was ready to tump over. And there's tons more to do. All the rain has made everything..but especially the weeds...grow and grow and grow. A soaky bath and a long nap somewhat revived me. And a supper of fresh corn on the cob, cucumbers/onions, tomatoes and cottage cheese helped too. But I'm thinking that the rest of the evening is going to be rather low-key. Yesterday's mail brought a kit to knit a beaded bag. I think I shall go string some beads.

See yas!


Ann said...

Sounds like quite a day and one I would have enjoyed too!

~FParis said...

AHA!! I knew you would find a use for dem beads!! heh heh

You sure tell a good story m'friend ... I could dang near picture all the stuff you did!

Dave Daniels said...

Heh, we bought a few of those tickets, too. Hey, you gotta play to win.

Susan said...

Ann, next time you can come go with me! k?

Paris, these came with the kit..more seeds but a lot bigger than what I used to use. Nicer on the eyes but boring to string.

Dave, that's true. And I'm helping to support the schools. Yep, that's why I bought it...well, and I needed a new bookmark :-)

Devorah said...

Busy, busy lady! Sounds like a lovely day.

Sara said...

My tickets were the same - no winner - and of course the machine is loud when it says it...Really!

We would have had a good time cause your day is my kind of a fun day out...I want to know how it goes knitting with beads??? I want to try it...soon...

Susan said...

Devorah, it was a good day but nice to just to be a slug on Sunday.

Sara, LOL I don't think my machine talked. I think we all need to do a shopping day together. So far knitting with beads just means that just when I get going, it's time to slide the beads down so I'll have free yarn LOL. Tonight (Tues)I should actually knit a bead into the very simple pattern.