Sunday, July 22, 2007

Susan's Sunday

I think Sunday is becoming my favorite day of the week. Somehow either Saturday is busy with errands and chores, or else I'm so tired I sleep too much. But Sunday...ahhh it's a nice day.

I worked outside in the front yard for awhile this morning. Mostly trimming and cutting back the lantana that is preparing to take over the world. So much needs to be done and now I have a plan. Using a book on tape as a time measure, I've discovered that I can work for about an hour and a half in the early morning before it's too hot and before I tump over. So, if I did that every day, the yard would be in much better shape and so would I. There is only one I just don't think I can manage heading out there at 6 AM and then coming in by 7:30 to do a real fast breakfast/bath/get dressed and leave for work. It's true. I need to be able to retire :-). Ummm if only logic worked that way.

I do have a completed project to show you. The bag with beads. Beaded bag. Whatever. It was a kit from Halcyon yarn, and I had exactly enough beads! Actually there was one extra and it broke. I was unable to get my ribbon through the accent beads they sent, and these will someday be switched out for something more appropriate. But here ya go. And what, pray tell, am I storing inside? Uhhh clean underwear? I really had no idea what I was going to do with it, or what I would put in it but it needed some 'stuffing' for it's photo op. Now, looking at the picture, I wish I'd stuffed it taller instead of squatty. Oh well..maybe next time. I really had fun with it and now want to make something else that has beads involved.

Specs: Beaded Bag Kit from Halcyon

including Jaggerspun wool which I really loved working with but no little about.

Needles: Size 5 CP bamboo and bright magenta metal needles for K2K parts.

I also made a dog bed today but it's nothing to write home about although at least it's better than the worn out one it's replacing.

And now I shall return to knitting a little square, which I'm told will later be turned into a little rabbit. Magic?


Sara said...

Nice day...well, maybe you could work in the yard once it cools off in the evening.

Oh, the beaded bag is really pretty!

Glad you had a nice day!!!

Susan said...

Sara, I think I must be getting old or something.:-( By the time I get home from work, I'm totally out of the mood to drown myself with Deet and dig in the dirt. Thanks for the compliment on the bag. I think I'll try to make a little bitty one sometime.

~FParis said...

The beaded bag is simply gorgeous! You need some more beads???

Devorah said...

The bag is gorgeous! The square into bunny pattern (Heartstrings?) is adorable. I've made several of them. Enjoy.

Good luck figuring out the yard work thing. I spent half an hour watering the plants yesterday ... and it is raining today -- hard enough to get past the overhang on my balcony. Figures.

Dave Daniels said...

Great job on the beaded bag! It looks so nice. And your photo looks like a studio ad shot.

Ann said...

Oh I love that beaded's simply wonderful. I keep thinking that I am going to try some beading and knitting...just haven't gotten there yet!

Susan said...

Thanks Paris, but I think I have plenty for the time being. It was a fun knit.

Devorah, thank you! And yes it is the Heartstrings bunny which is still a square due to an evening that got away from me. *G* As for the's kind of like washing a car. Most likely to cause rain. Only good thing is that the plants probably loved the rain water more.

Dave, thanks! Someone told me to back up and then use the zoom on the camera. I thought it looked a bit blurry but it hides any mistakes.

It's fun Ann. At least if you need Fluffy Knitter Deb's way of doing it. I found that a bunch of beads strung on the yarn was quite annoying. And it really screwed with my tension because the closer you got to where they were sitting, the heavier/tighter the yarn was. Or something *G*

maggiegracecreates said...

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