Saturday, October 18, 2008

20 Years

As I arrived at work yesterday, in the midst of folks trying to get clocked in and ringing phones, etc, my boss said something to me and hugged me. Whaaat the? I didn't really hear what she said (or wasn't paying attention) and at first I thought something horrible must have happened that I didn't know about and she was trying to console me. But she was smiling. Hmmm... After answering a few more calls and getting things unlocked she said, "So how does it feel?" I had no idea what she was talking about...and figured that I was supposed to know all about it. Senility setting in so rapidly? Finally I realized that it was my anniversary date. The day I first hired on ... 20 years ago! About that time another boss person came in and handed me this basket. And there was even yummy cake.

Ohhhhhh that cake was so good! And Starbucks coffee! I've never had any of it for home. And this morning, when I went into my kitchen I pretended I was at a neighborhood coffee shop in my pretend metro neighborhood.

20 that's a really long time. A lot of things have changed since then. Some gains, some losses and not only in weight. I'm not who I was then, and sometimes I miss that person...mainly I miss the strength and agility I had back then. Really though, life is better now. Cause 20 years ago I couldn't knit! And I didn't know all y'all. Yep...I think I'll stick with the present. How about you?


Sara said...

Nice party items...ohhh...the Starbucks coffee looks really nice! Like the kitchen towels - they are pretty...Russell Stover candy too...and Pirouette - my, my, good stuff.

Congrats on 20 years! But, I'm glad you learned how to knit - otherwise I wouldn't have you for a friend.

Devorah said...

How sweet! I love a boss who appreciates their folk! Good for you!

~FParis said...

BIG congrats (((((Susan)))))!!!!

And a belated Happy Halloween!!
(I know you love that holiday)

Take care, and I'll be calling soon