Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Update Number 1
Yep, the water heater is dead. It's gone and a new one is in it's place. The plumber has to come back tomorrow to put on a something or other but it's functional. Once I write the check, unless there are more charges than the estimate, I'll have $7.48 left in my checking account. Hey that's better than an overdraft! And please, if you have any nice deities that will grant wishes, I'm really hoping the inspector won't find any problems. No pics (and aren't you glad?). However, with my propensity for naming everything, I have decided to name it Jolie...because..are you ready? It's HOT. Ok..don't laugh, see if I care!

Update Number 2
Re my CSI post. The latest info from the newspaper is that police stopped a 17 year old boy for erratic driving..possibly DUI. There was a passenger. Passenger would not get out of the vehicle. Passenger was dead. And although the officer told me it was a 'gentleman', it was a woman from out of state. Cause of death has not been released. The very sad thing to me is that the young man is local but they cannot find anyone to claim him. I mean, no family, no friends. That's just wrong!

Update Number 3
My good friend Katya (yay...you're back out online!) wanted to see my consistent spinning. So I wound some down on the spindle and took it's pic. I never said it was a skein or anything close to it :-). It's a start though.

One thing I have to figure out though. When this spindle gets kinda full it just doesn't want to spin. So I've been winding whatever off on toilet paper cores. But, if I were really spinning well, how would I connect all the different pieces?

And this isn't an update but it is a good example of making do. I was on the loveseat knitting and watching tv with the meezer cat. He was sleeping and I wasn't really paying any attention. But when it was time to put things away, I discovered that Mary had decided to join us. And, since apparently we were taking up all the space, she just piled on top.


KatyaR said...

Nice spinning--you're definitely on your way.

You can "splice" plied yarns together by unraveling two ends and the rewrapping them together. You can do this with single plies also--just pull each end apart for a ways and then splice them together (rubbing the spliced ends with a little spit on the fingers helps as well).

This might help (google "splicing yarns"):

Keep up the good work!

Sara said...

WOW! A dead woman in the car! Yes, that is wrong that no one is there for that child! (At 17 he's still a child)

Can't help with the spinning! Sorry -

But, I do love the way Mary curled up with everyone.

Hell, pretty soon your entire house and insides will be new! Jolie will be a nice addition - especially if you want hot water this winter!

Devorah said...

Gulp! Sorry 'bout the expense -- but maybe this one's pilot will be easier to light?