Monday, October 06, 2008

Meet Della

No, Della is not this kitty visitor although kitty is quite pretty. And NOT mine. Just one of the kitties who come to visit me. Fortunately, he/she seems to be well fed and healthy so I think kitty must belong to a neighbor.

This is Della. My new-to-me clothes dryer. The real life Della was a hard scrabble lady who, by necessity, clawed her way through life but always had time for a gawky girl. Hopefully this Della will be the same. It's been a long time since a dryer lived here. And wonder of wonders, the city water was clean enough to actually do ALL the laundry at home. So I start this Monday with a pouch still full of quarters and clean underwear. What a concept!

There has been knitting going on. I had to totally rip out the big section of the blanket as somewhere near the the first miter I added a stitch. But it is reknit now and folded up neatly in the drawer. Now I have to get more yarn. There are two unrelated socks on needles as well as two that are related but not much to show yet. More about them maybe this evening.

Last week was a total bitch and I was so glad that I had my yarn to come home to and spend time with..and there are two prepositions hanging in space. Sometimes life is so not fair. But, knit on!

So, what's up with you?


Sara said...

Della looks like she will be a big help to you...

You'll never believe this - but, I started a new pair of socks - and the pattern is a mystery. Every week we get a clue...I am so damn proud of myself for trying a new pattern that isn't my old standby sock pattern!!!!

Sorry the week was a bitch. Darn, I started to call you yesterday too...and somehow time got away from me.

Sheri said...

Congrats on your new-to-you Della. She looks wonderful! So nice to have when it rains for days on end.

Sorry your week was a bitch! Life is like that sometimes. Mine is just a little crazy right now too.

Love the "Neighbor Kitty." It's like Grandkids. It goes home at 5. LOL

Take care,

Devorah said...

Sorry things are rough! Glad Della could help a bit.