Sunday, October 19, 2008


The weatherman is predicting a rather cool front coming through in the middle of this coming week. We've had a couple already but nothing that required turning on the furnace. That time is coming though so this afternoon I scurried down to the basement to
1. Retrieve my long sleeved shirts
2. Try once again to light the pilot light on the furnace. I had a plan and I had a book on tape going so I wouldn't get too frustrated if I had to keep relighting.

The first part went well; the shirts were actually where I thought they were! And that gave me hope that for the first time in years I'd actually be able to get it to stay lit. The furnace and the water heater live in a little enclosed closet sort of thing. I opened the doors and removed the covers to the pilot area and sat down to light it. That's when I noticed the water. On the floor inside the closet. Not deep but it did cover the area. Hoping against hope that there was a leak where the water comes into the heater, I managed to get my creaky self back on my feet to check. Dry as a bone! Oh hell...just what I wanted to do. Buy and have installed a new water heater. &%$&^%@ Words better left untyped spewed forth and with a very whiny face I went back upstairs to pout.

But, it was a gorgeous day outside. So I thought at least I could pout out on the porch swing. And that's when the balance thing started to happen.

I wasn't home yesterday when the mail arrived, but no matter. There wasn't anything particularly interesting in it. But what's this??? Behind one of the big flower pots I can see something white sticking out. OMG! Look!

I can't really capture the rich jewel tones of this BFL which I ordered midweek from Jessie at A Piece of Vermont. I wasn't planning on ordering anything, just went to monitor shop, so to speak. But the colors! It wasn't payday yet, but who cares. I could replace the money with cash left over from my spindle and fiber last weekend. She shipped it Thursday and it arrived way down here in two days!

I've petted it and loved on it and took pictures of it and then put it back in it's bag with some lavender for good luck and placed it in the little fiber tub. No way would I attempt to spin it until I'm a better spinner (although today I did actually spin a bit of actually consistent yarn!).

Then tonight the phone rang. It was my friend Leava saying that she and her hubby had gone to their cabin for the day and she brought back her old wheel and I get to use it this winter! She said it's a bit tricky, or eccentric, and she'll teach me first on her Louet so I'll have a better idea of what's supposed to happen.

So, although I'm going to take a big hit on my wallet, I've gained fiber and a chance to spin on a wheel. I think it's a balance..or at least close. And I'm smiling.


BumbleVee said...

awww.... bummer about the blinking hot water heater! The good thing caught it early! they can completely leak out and then... you really have to pay! and what a mess it makes ... I stepped in a fair sized puddle one day while taking clothes out of the laundry chute and was thankful I noticed it when I did... it was already pretty wet in there...

beautiful jewel tones indeed...and that is pretty funny... "loving on it"..hahaha... made me chuckle...

have fun spinning....

Dave Daniels said...

That BFL is GORGEOUS. I'll have to check out her rovings, I haven't been to her shop in a while.
And congrats on having access to a wheel, ans someone to walk you through it.

KatyaR said...

Oh, you're gonna be hooked like a rat on crack, I'm telling you . . . Leava's SUCH an enabler! :<)))

I wanna see that "actually consistent yarn" you're talking about, too!

Welcome to the insane asylum!!

Devorah said...

What beautiful roving! Don't wait to spin it -- it's like knitting, you live up the expectations of the wool. Go for it!