Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Coffee and Thinks

I haven't done much, but I've thought about doing stuff. Does that count?

Thanks to a mention on Dave's blog, I visited Wildhorse Farm Designs and got this new sock pattern. It's called Hedgerow and I loved the look of it. Being a total klutz, I had a lot of trouble actually downloading the pattern but the person at Wildhorse was very nice and at last it's printed out and lying on top of the scanner. ::insert huge grin:: They have some super patterns and also feature Dave's yarn. LOL I feel like I know a celebrity.

I also love the Lorna's Laces Gold Hill yarn. I love the colors and I love the name because I used to have some penpals that lived on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset in England. A long story that, but I need to get ready for work and can save it for a day when I really have nothing to say. However, my budget doesn't allow for such a purchase right now:-( .

So I'm thinking of getting this from Knit Picks. They are both fingering yarns..so that should work, right? My only disappointment is that they are knit with 1 1/2 dpns and the newKnitpicks needles don't come in that size. I'm amazed at how much faster things happen with the cheap aluminum needles that I got at Hobby Lobby. But they don't come in 1 1/2 either. boo!It's called S'mores in the Memories line of yarn. Heh...makes me hungry just looking at it!

Another think. While in line to pay for groceries, I picked up an issue of Cottage Living magazine and was scanning through it. The line wasn't long enough so I bought it and brought it home. There was a really interesting article in it about Katrina cottages. One designer (Marianne Cusato) states "I wanted to create a more dignified version of the FEMA trailer" They are really innovative and attractive. I have this fascination about tiny houses...especially ones that were designed to be tiny, attractive AND functional. It's amazing what architects and designers can do...and what gets lost when you have big spaces to work in. Or, so it seems to me. My favorite of the ones shown is Katrina Cottage 2. It's on page 2 of that article. Buildable in 7 days, can withstand 140 mile per hour winds AND easily cleaned up after floods. You can remove your belongings and hose down the interior and then replace the electrical switches. Would give a whole new meaning (and one I would love) to spring and fall house cleaning. And switches are fairly inexpensive. And it's a cute creole style cottage. Go see it! And if you go to the main site check out that cool fridge ad on the lower right side. Nice!

I came home last night all enthused about sewing. I made a mistake though. After supper and dishes (doesn't take long to eat and wash up after oatmeal LOL) I took a bath...and started a library book. And that's as far as sewing went. But I had a lovely quiet evening reading and relaxing. I did manage to knit 4 rows on the sock while I watched a bit of news. The sock is going to report me to the Department of Sock Neglect. DSN ...a new acronym.

And last, but certainly not least, I found this over on Sprite's place and just had to take it.
And here I am...
You Are an Espresso

At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high
What Kind of Coffee Are You?

They surely nailed me. I drink coffee from morning to night with iced tea and Dasani as a chaser LOL.


~FParis said...

OOOO ... I have some beads that are that very same pattern! Makes ya want some caramel-on-ice-cream for sure!!

Knit One Purl Two Pal said...

So much yarn and so little cash. I have experienced that situation myself.

I need to check out this "Dave" person. He's a real celebrity? First the yarn harlot, and now this Dave. You must be very well known in the knitting community. I feel very lucky to have such as special pal.

Dave Daniels said...

I'm glad to hear you finally got the pattern. I'll be starting one of the patterns I bought, too. I can't decide which one...
The yarn you have is GREAT!
And who is that nutcase Knit One Purl Two Pal? They knit and DON'T know who I am, yet knows the Harlot? Sheesh. Some people... (Of course, I'm KIDDING! It's a JOKE! I KNOW who that is!)

Susan said...

How big are the beads? Would get lost on this yarn but might make lovely stitch markers. Not that I'm hinting or anything LOL

Susan said...

and I feel very lucky to have met such cool folks in the knitting community. Unless my memory has failed me, Dave was the very first person that ever emailed me about a comment I'd made on their blog! A big day in my life, that's for sure! And now there's you! which totally confounds my coworkers as I say things like "My friend Dave..or Ann..or Paris...or Cookie or whoever says..." And now they have to come see the card that my friend K1 sent LOL

Susan said...

LOL Dave she told me that she was working on the download instructions as 1 in 50 had trouble and that was too many. Wow am I special???

of course you are famous...and speaking of famous, how is nameless construction worker??? *G*

~FParis said...

Susan ... the beads are hex shape and they are between the size of a dime/nickle [approx] ... still want some? :o) Would make a great deco!

Laura said...

I love quizzes! I turned out to be black coffee, low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable, but also cheap and angsty. Eerie!

Anytime someone on a blog emails me about my comment, I feel like Navin R. Johnson when the phonebooks arrived.

I'm sure you'll fix your bout of DSN. As soon as you fix the DPN problem, that is. ;)

Cookie said...

I thought everyone knew Our Dave.

katie said...

Ha! I actually have a thing for tiny houses, too. Thanks for the link to Cottage Living. And have you ever checked out www.tumbleweedhouses.com?

Susan said...

Katie..and thank you for the link to tumbleweed houses. I'm going to have to spend some time there. When I started to nursing school (votech) a friend and her sons converted part of a big garage into an apt for me. One son was a budding finish carpenter and he got to try out ideas he had brewing. Lots more storage space than I've ever had before or since in that wee little place.

Susan said...

Paris...oh those are BIG. Let me think and see if I have anything that would work to make a necklace from them. I could have coordinating necklace and socks LOL

Susan said...

Cookie...they do, they're just playin' cool *G*

Susan said...

LOL Laura, I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets that Navin R. Johnson feeling. Much more rewarding than waiting for a Pulitzer *G*. But OMG the first time someone put my link on their blog...thud! I was wishing I still had a Mac so I could do a quick screen shot and frame it LOL. And someday, promise, I'll figure out how to put links on mine.

Laura said...

Don't you love the "Swipe Card" on the debit/credit machines? I think "Yes, I'm Mrs. Neusbaum," every time. Who knew the entire stolen credit card/he hates these cans thing would live on so long?

On a PC, the Prt Scrn button will copy the current screen to the clipboard for you.