Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Spreading Like Wildfire

So, yesterday afternoon time was spent moving anything movable into the hallway at work. And supposedly last night, plant services people were going to strip and wax our floors! Wooohoo! Amazing how many dead crickets and spiders were found when the guys with the dollies got done. Our office is right across from the golf course so there's lots of uhhh bugs and such in the environment. And they seem to like to come visit us. One of my job duties is spider removal. It would probably be cricket removal too, but I can't catch them.

We were told that they would come over this morning to put everything back together before we arrived, but I'm thinking that they are going to have no clue as to where things go. So it should be interesting. And the morning will pass faster because it will be different. And that's a very good thing's Friday! Let the weekend begin!


Dave Daniels said...

Yay! Friday!
Congrats on your shiny, new, cricket-free floors!
Yay! Friday!
Let the knitting begin!

Devorah said...

Clean shiny floors -- Woo Hoo! Here's hoping that they are as clean and shiny as you desire.

Susan said...

y'all they looked sooo nice! I guess I'm easily pleased but it was so nice to work in such a sparkling room.