Friday, August 25, 2006


Friday started out sooo nice. Our floors looked marvelous! Usually (because it's often one person doing it) when they mop and wax, they just mop and wax around everything. So water gets under filing cabinets and they rust, leaving icky looking places. Can't really tell around the tall filing cabinets, but the two-drawers by our desks have a tendency to scoot and if they are the least bit moved you can see the nasty bits. I learned tho that Bartender's Friend (I hope that's it's correct name) is really good at removing rust. So with the little cabinets out and tables out in the hall, they were able to clean all that up and everything just sparkled.

The guys came over to move things back and it was rather hilarious as we tried to figure out whose cabinet was whose. It was so nice to settle down to work in such a sparkling office.

Today was payday but there was a problem with the direct deposit thing so there wasn't any money deposited. Allegedly the money would be in our accounts by 5, but since the posting of the day ends at 3, I don't know if it's really there. Thank goodness I wasn't kiting checks!

I decided tho (gotta make something out of this) that it was a message that I wasn't to spend any money this weekend except maybe what's in my pocket, and that's not much. I'm good though...I have oatmeal and milk and hotdogs and chips (my weekend treat). And the kids have dog and cat food. And there is plenty of litter. Oh, and I have a whole package of trash bags! So I shall be a good girl and stay home and knit and sew and sort. *G*


Ann said...

At work you can always tell when they have mopped the floors, the furniture moves from one side of the hallway to the other.

One of my goals this weekend is to wax my kitchen floor..the summer filled with parties has taken a toll on things, but I didn't see much sense in waxing with armies of people marching through.

I want to avoid shopping this weekend too...

Devorah said...

Before I left work for the summer I commented to the custodian about the "having to unstick" the furniture phenomenon that I have every summer when they wax the stuff to the floor. He looked at me aghast and promised that that would NOT happen under his watch. I'll let you know on Monday.

Our office floors only get mopped 2 or 3 times a year during school breaks. They get waxed over the summer. I broke several floor tiles last year when I rearranged my office.

Susan said...

Good luck with the waxing, Ann. Once when I was MUCH younger, I stripped the kitchen floor where I lived and waxed it with car wax...well what did I know? It was available. Looked really good and I had a good time sliding around in sock feet to buff it. But geez, you could really take a tumble! Now I just use car wax for the car and my sink. I do mop tho :-)

Susan said...

Devorah, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the custodian came through. We don't get our floors deep cleaned very often either. We've lucked out though on the person who cleans once a week. She really has pride in what she does and it really shows. We send so many thank yous that she got more than the day people and they have a lot more contact with folks.

~FParis said...

Soooo glad the crew did a great job for your office Susan ... 'bout time, eh?

It's amazing the difference between the results of one who cares and one who doesn't! We have a womon come in nightly at the Children's Center who is so thorough that she has to be stopped when Betz catches her wiping down the little chairs the kids sit in! LOL ... that's too much to ask of her, tho she sees something and proceeds! We luv'er!

Funny story about you using car wax! Thanks for the image! 8o)

Cookie said...

Gotta love men who clean. *L*

I hope they straighten out the pay business. A good reminder of why it's nice to keep the pantry stocked. ;^)