Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Thursday

Gee, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. I guess time flies when you're having fun. A stomach virus is making it's rounds at work, closely followed by a respiratory one. I had the pleasure of the first one Tuesday night and yesterday so not a lot has been accomplished except reading in the bathroom LOL. Feel just fine and dandy today though and a good thing as I'm sure my work is really piled up.

I did get the cuff knitted on sock 2, and a bit of the foot on sock 1 but they pretty much look the same. I suddenly have this need to try lace (probably in order to avoid Tay's hat...geez knitting with black yarn gets old fast) and Cookie gave me some ideas so maybe that will be the next slow moving project. I still love that shawl that I drooled over earlier but I think something smaller would be smarter for a first project.

We've had a bit of rain here this week. I took this pic at work, looking across the golf course. I liked this area better when it was just part of the park as there was a red fox that lived there and showed him/herself every once in awhile. Oh well, supposedly more money in the coffers with a golf course. Cool rain spout, eh? It was nice while it lasted but to be hot again the rest of the week. Maybe more rain on Sunday. Looks like early Saturday morning will find me outside doing just a bit of mowing. Both the front yard and the back still are barely there but the part between the sidewalk and street and the part between my driveway and the neighbors is pretty raggy looking. And goodness knows they won't mow it.


cat said...

OMG you are the best secret pal in the world!!!!!!


Phoebe Gleeson said...

The rain was wonderful, wasn't it? My 6yo was mesmerized.

I've noticed a big difference in my tension when it's hot and humid vs just hot. You?

Ann said...

You had Cat and you kept it a secret...FROM ME? You know I would NEVER EVER keep any secrets from you.


Maybe one or two.


Susan said...

LOL Cat! I loaded my blog at work to show someone something and saw that I had a comment and there you were. I'm glad it arrived quickly cause the excitement was killin' me LOL

Susan said...

Hmmm Phoebe..I'll have to watch that. I did notice the other night as the evening wore on that things were getting tighter as if the yarn wasn't running through my fingers right. Maybe you've given me a clue!

Susan said...

hahaha Ann! When the email arrived with her name my mouth dropped! My first thought was to tell you...but then I thought it over LOL. It was just to fun having a secret! And yeah tell me EVERYTHING...not!