Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've mentioned working on a felted birdhouse and now I can show you since it arrived at it's destination today. I made it for Cat for her birthday. She was my color swap person...the one that I got to send goodies to, and I learned that she likes birds. So, when I saw this fun FiberTrends pattern, I thought I had a good excuse to make it. Besides that, she's nice and would say thanks and far enough away that if she tossed it I would never know! :-) And I'm incredibly proud that it got there in time since this was the yarn that took sooooo long to get here. It's kinda big, about ummm maybe 10-11 inches tall. One of these days I'm going to experiment on making a smaller one. It's a good thing that I eat a lot of oatmeal, or I would have been hard up to find something to let it dry on. After I took the pic on the left I realized that I needed to do a bit of tugging and straightening LOL. The roof 'form' was a funnel with major aluminum foil sculpting happening to make it gently rounded. I thought it was pretty obvious that it was a felted birdhouse, but then I'd been living with it for awhile. So, just in case she didn't realize that, I wired that little bird on the perch (which was a lovely stick from my yard...dried in advance. Heh, this thing was in the planning for a lot longer than it was under construction.

I started another sock last night but there's only 3 rows so you can barely see the yarn. I'll save that for posting when it's farther along.

Tonight's all about prewashing fabric and knitting dishrags. Housewarming gifts and summer clothes and some other odds and ends. I really need to be a sewing fool this weekend. They say we will be rainy all weekend. I hope so...we need the rain and once it gets here, my back will quit responding to the yo-yo-ing barometer. It hates it when it falls.

So what are YOU doing? Want to come to my house to iron fabric? I thought not. :-)


Ann said...

You think not? Heck I would love to come to your house and iron.

Very cool birdhouse I am sure Cat loved it.

Laura said...

LOL! I'll come over only if you promise not to let me iron. I've had the 'dropsies' lately and would probably end up ironing me more than the fabric. It's such lovely fabric, too. :)

Devorah said...

I'll come! What are you serving? Squidette's comment "Pretty fabric."
(She reads over my shoulder.)

Susan said...

OK Ann, you're on! Come on down! I'll even find a rock for you to kiss!

LOL Laura! I've noticed that carpet melts rapidly if an iron hits it face down. So, umm you can knit on my sock!

Devorah, serving? What? Doing my ironing isn't reward enough? :-)Well, there are some brownies; will that work? Hi Squidette!

Cookie said...

Love that birdhouse!

I also love to iron. What time should I come over? ;^)

Sara said...

Whille I admit to hating to iron clothes - my therapy comes from washing and ironing my fabric. There is not a piece of fabric that goes into my stash that has not be washed and ironed..

And, what are you making out of that fabric???? I just love all of would really add some spice to a quilt...

Sheri said...

Love the birdhouse! One of these days I'm going to dig out that pattern (had it for a few years) and make it for my father. Someday!

Love your sock too. It's been awhile since I've read blogs, or blogged, so it's catch up time.

Nope, no ironing for me. I get enough of that when I decide to make a quilt and have to iron all that stuff. :o)
Enjoy your weekend.
Sheri in GA

Laura said...

LOL! Ok, I'll happily knit on the socks while you iron. A lot safer for me AND the carpet.

Cat said...

Okay you might not believe this but I love to iron. For me it very therapeutic sooooo I'm on my way - Well actually I'm meeting Ann half way and we'll come together LOL. Oh yea brownies sound awesome, should I bring the milk?

Toss it, toss it? NEVER!!!! It is so wonderful, I absolutely love it and YOU!!!!


~FParis said...

She's probly call'd y'all 'bout bein' unable to get on-line, but thot I'd let ya know why she's not postin' here ... bummer, eh?

Laura said...

It is! I'll be glad when her modem is back online. :(

~FParis said...

Me too! I called her at work yesterday to see if the tornados touched her at all, and they didn't! ~sshwhew!~ She's fine and dandy. Now let's hope they didn't touch down where her 'puter is being repaired!