Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yarn in the Mailbox

Yay it got here! Did I take pics. Yep. Did they work. Nope. If you really want to see, here's what I got:

Lamb's Pride Bulky in 76 Misty Blue and 8 Oak.

Crystal Palace Kid Merino in Ultra Blues and if you click on the scarf block in the corner, you'll see the Cat's Paw pattern that I got for free...and what I was really after. But this Kid Merino is really something. I think it will be like knitting smoke! Sooooo very light.

So...happy that at last that it all arrived, I gobbled down a bit of supper, fed the kids, and got in comfy clothes. I've read through the pattern using the bulky yarn so many times I think I already have it memorized. And yes, I have US 13 circs. Ready to go. Uh..maybe not. I needed 16" circs. Mine are longer and just don't work! Arghhh! I truly thought this time I had everything under control. So today I will call the LYS and see if they have some and if so, will they hold them for me until tomorrow evening when they're open late. I really don't want to order some from Yarnmarket and have them zip them to me fast. Or wait for Knitpicks. I want them NOW. It would be really cool if work was really slow this afternoon and I could leave early. Ha! Fat chance!

Now completely befuddled, I thought I'd start the heel flap on the other Monkey sock. But the phone rang. And rang. And rang. It seems that last night was talk to The Girl evening. She had a lot to chat about but couldn't seem to take care of all of it at once. Fun though with lots of giggling and story telling. And in between, I watered plants, wrote notes, and watched my forsythia bloom. I brought in some little twigs and stuck them in water and I swear, I'd be out of the kitchen for what seemed like just a few minutes and would return to find another one open.

It's time for that. It's been amazingly warm with highs in the high 60s in the afternoon. Glorious weather. Too pretty to be inside the office so I've made more runs over to the hospital than are really needed. So far, nobody has caught on that I'm just enjoying being outdoors.

I plan on having a fun day..hope you do too!


Sara said...

Heck, you ordered from Patternworks why didn't you tell me and I would have run over there and got it for you and mailed it to you quicker than they's not all that far - plus it would give me an excuse to go next door to Keepsake Quilting.(grins)

Cookie said...

I think we need to go visit Sara.

Did you find the size 13 circs you need? If not, I have one and it's yours if you want it. Let me know and I can drop it in the mail tomorrow morning.


Devorah said...

If you guys go to visit Sara can I come too?

We have weather envy over here where there is a dusting of snow on the ground and sub-freezing temps!

Sheri said...

I had a fun day. I went and had the oil changed in my car, which means a trip to the LYS for me. 50% off all yarn and books. Yup, I had a great day. (even though i had to shell out mega bucks for some air sensor in the car! and he said it needs new tires).
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

LOL Sara...I should have thought of that. And then you could blame me if you went overboard shopping *G* Or heck, we'll all come go with you and share the blame!

Cookie,I think you're right. A cross country yarn crawl. And yes I did find the needles. Thanks very much though. Next time I will ask you first.

Sure Devorah, come go with us! It really is nice weather but it's too early. I sure hope summer doesn't find us early.

Wow Sheri! I've never ran into a sale like that! Probably for the best LOL. And hopefully you did your shopping before you found out about the air sensor and tires. So...what all did you get???