Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gussets and Wishing

Yay...one of the Monkeys now has a gusset and I managed to even keep the pattern going down the top of the foot. I think that the vibrant colors in this yarn sort of obscure the pattern (the original at Knitty was made in a light greenish color) but I don't care. I just love the look of the colors! And sometimes I amaze myself. Something will go a bit off, and I can figure out what happened..and more importantly, Shazamm! correct it.

More would have been done but Mary, the old kitty, wasn't feeling her best and was in need of serious cuddling. So she snuggled and I sang her silly songs about IKEA. A catalog arrived in the mail yesterday (still no yarn). OMG, it's probably a good thing that the nearest IKEA is in Texas. I really get off on storage and organization and there is an abundance of options in their catalog. It's just huge! In my mind I designed a whole new living room and turned the second bedroom into a crafting haven, but with optional sleeping. I've often visited their website but it's much easier to imagine when you have a two facing pages with options. In this older house I am blessed with great kitchen storage, and a pantry. But closet space just is barely there. So pages and pages of bookshelves and drawers and tables and and and were just too much fun.

I guess it all firmly locked in my mind because I dreamed of furniture shopping, and I was wearing the Monkey socks *G*. And I apparently was having a great time dreaming because I turned off the alarm; convinced Mary to go back to sleep for a bit and slept until 5:30.


Cookie said...

I love how those socks are knitting up. I know you lose the pattern of the stitches, but with those colors, who cares? :D

I hope Mary is feeling better today. That seemed to be going around last night.

I love Ikea and I'm a little afraid that there's one in the next county. o.0


Sara said...

Poor Mary, I hope she is feeling better today.

My daughter furnished her house with stuff from IKEA...and I slept on her bed when I was visiting and it was really nice.

The socks are coming out great. I haven't been knitting on my CC socks much this week...needed some no-think knitting and worked on the scarf. Damn thing is nearly done.

Sheri said...

Your Monkey socks look great! I can see the design in them.
I live in a "This Old House" too, and we have the same problem. Never enough storage/closets. I'm going to the IKEA web site, thank you.
Sheri in GA

~FParis said...

Hugs for (((((Mary-cat)))))

Devorah said...

I love the way the stitch pattern is making the colors "wave."


Dave Daniels said...

Those are looking SO great. The detail of your stitches is perfect, even wtih the bright colors of the yarn. Well done!