Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mysterious Wednesday

Here's what it looked like yesterday as I wandered around in the park by my office. Spooky, eh? I entertained myself as I worked by making up little stories about what might be found if you stepped into the fog at the back of the picture. There were some interesting alternate realities rumbling around in my head along with the necessary Medicare stuff.

And today, it looks basically the same. It didn't last all day yesterday, and by afternoon it was warm and sunny. Hopefully that will happen today also.

But, if not, that's OK too. Because I have the DAY OFF! Yay, I love middle of the week leisure days. It's another lose it or lose it day. And, if I'm figuring right, I could do this every other week forever! I get concerned though because sometimes others are off, and if I couldn't take a day I would lose the vacation time.

Mysterious? Well, yes it is...sort of. Because I have no idea what all I will do today. So far, I've had a soaky bath and then put on clean pjs LOL. I've cut out some fabric that hopefully will turn into something later on. I've eaten my oatmeal and even some biscuits (I got up at 5 so it was time for a morning snack. I've read a bit and knitted a bit and now I'm typing a bit. Next up is a bit more fabric cutting. Or a nap. Or felted birdhouse construction. Who knows? Who cares?



Cookie said...

That's where my fog went!

I hope you're having a wonderful day off.

Laura said...

Aren't foggy days the best? Hubs loves them, too. I think us semi-arid natives tend to love foggy and rainy days. How lovely to have a day off! I hope you had fun.

P.S. It's me, not Fry in the bathroom mirror photo. I did happen to take one of her while she was on the potty, just to tease her.

Dave Daniels said...

Beautisul photo. I love the fog. It's too cold here for it still but soon...very, very soon...
Sounds like you are having a great dy, clean PJs and biscuits and all!

~FParis said...

O yes! Love those kinda pix! Very nice! You're getting quite good at photography friend!

Devorah said...

Oooooh Scary ... it appeals to the monsters in this house.

Felted birdhouse?

Enjoy your day off!

Susan said...

Cookie, thank you for sending it this way. My weeds thank you too! They loved the moisture.

Laura, after the last few years I welcome any moisture we can get! And...great pic! Now I 'know' your face!

Dave, thank you! It stayed foggy until way late in the afternoon. It always sort of amazes me that you can actually 'feel' fog. Too cool!

Paris, thank you. A friend had borrowed my camera briefly and when I got to work she came rushing up and said "Here's your camera..there's fog out there!" So I guess they are being accustomed to my photo ops hahaha

Devorah, my favorite scary fog is at night when lights are like orbs in the moisture! And yeah..felted birdhouse which looked fully felted until it dried and now I realize you can still see some stitches so back to the washing machine. ::crossing fingers:::

KnittyOtter said...

Great Fog Photo!! :D

Sounds like the makings of a wonderful day.

I could use a Day off where I relaxed like that. *dreams of what is not to be...*

Sprite said...

Ooo, the mystery of foggy days. Gotta love 'em. GREAT picture.. you really are good with that camera.

Yay! To days off. Hope you relaxed and enjoyed yourself.