Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hi, my name is Susan

and here I am! Slightly's hard to hold the camera still while the timer clicks...but perhaps that is a good thing. And the color is a bit off. I really don't think my hair looks sort of green. I'll blame that on the bright light in the bathroom at work. I'd given up on ever getting a pic here at home so when I came in from a dr's run and made a stop with my bag still on my shoulder I got this idea. I did have to 'fess up though as someone heard me giggling in there and did sort of wonder what I'd been doing.

Last night, a bit of knitting was done on the second heel flap. More would have been done except I discovered a black/white Sherlock Holmes fest on cable and quickly became entranced. I love those old movies!

This evening, if all goes well, I plan on a trip to the City to pick up needles and cat food and maybe a stop at Michael's and Hobby Lobby too! Good times!


Devorah said...

Interesting, very interesting! So that's what you look like. *g*

Cookie said...


/well trained preschooler

Dave Daniels said...

Well hello there. It's great to finally put a face to the blog!
Flourescent lights in that bathroom? They are nobody's friend, that is for sure.

~FParis said...

Hiya (((friend)))

I love that top you have on ... can I have it?! LOL

Sheri said...

Very glad to meet you Susan, greenish color hair and all. LOL
And, what did you get when you went shopping?
Sheri in GA

Ann said...

Whoo Hooo...the real Susan stood up! It's great to have a face to put with the blog and the phone calls.

Susan said...

Devorah, yes it is! So now when you come to Oklahoma, you'll know who to watch out for *G*

Cookie, for your gracious greeting you will get a gold star AND a happy face!

Dave, true..but they give me a good excuse! Maybe I truly do have green hair!

Paris, yes you can. It's too big for me, but my wardrobe is rather limited for this time of year. So...assuming I will remedy that, I'll give it to you. don't hold your breath tho.

Sheri, needles (the circs I needed and an extra set of US 1 dpns,and cat food and litter and dog treats and needle felting thingy and a little pack of colored roving.

Devorah, yes it is! So now when you come to Oklahoma, you'll know who to watch out for *G*

Ann, yes it is but you also have to imagine me dressed in jammies which is usually what I'm wearing when I post or talk on the phone.

KnittyOtter said...


I see you. :D

Long Time no see. Let's hope this comment works. Blogger isn't letting me comment on some blogs.

Movies and Knitting is always a good time. :D

Laura said...

You're cute! The picture isn't too fuzzy at all, and those fluorecents do wreak havock on you blondies.

On yesterday's post, I have that magazine, too, and have serious needle envy. Before the magazine article, people couldn't give the old needles away, now, they're going to be overpriced. :(

Susan said...

Otter, it worked perfectly! One of my blogger friends was also having trouble commenting here. Dunno what was up with that but apparently it's all better. I'm so jealous of both you and Ann. I'd love to meet you both

Laura, thanks for the 'cute'. Your check will be in the mail. I've never seen bakelite needles although I'd surely like to have some.

Sprite said...

Hiya Susie Q!! I LOVE this picture and how perfectly STILL you are TRYING to stand to take the picture!! How fun and cute!! It's good to giggle, isn't it?? *hugs*

Susan said...

Sprite, giggling is the best! If I got up close, I kept getting these weird light blob thingies in the pic, so way back and on the timer was the only way I could figure to do it. ::laughing at my not-so-techy photo words::

Paul said...

Well hello there! I go away for a couple of weeks and have my life totally taken over by kids and their damned musical, and I miss YOU! I am SO out of touch with everything. It's so good to see you! Now Lizzie knows who has sent her those tasty treats! *hugs*