Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh yeah!

Well, guess what! I have phones AND a functional DVD player.

"Dave" arrived right on time and quickly and competently got to work and the end result is grand. I wish I lived in a more modern place where most of the phone jacks were actually wired into the house but mine are more of the jury rigged/Radio Shack sort. Part of the problem seemed to be an old alarm system and the rest of it I didn't really understand and probably never will. But who cares? It works.
He did say that he enjoyed the challenge.

And,while he was scurrying around here trying to track down the problem he mentioned that he had spent most of his time with the company doing the cable tv stuff. I just happened to mention my problem with the dvd and presto chango in a matter of minutes that was all functional. Probably done so that I would sit in the living room and watch Fargo for the umpteenth time and quit asking questions. We talked a bit about those rather complicated instructions in the book. He said "I'm a guy. I don't read them". Maybe my masculine side or whatever is the reason I can't understand. :-)

A really great guy, as have been all the folks that I've dealt with at Cox. And certainly an attractive one too. I was also entranced with his tool bag. A really nice gatemouth with a lot of pockets. I wish I could figure out how to make one and use one of those metal frames that will stay open and then close. Another thing to think about. I did a bit of Googling this morning on gatemouths and stumbed onto this knitting bag. Hmmm

I also dealt with some yarn ends on probably the fifth try on my Cupcake mitts. Not that the pattern was a problem. I kept changing my mind on what colors to use. But I liked this and though it would be a cute one when finished and embroidered. There's only one small problem..or maybe it's a large problem. My large hand won't go through the small cuff! So maybe tonight I try with worsted and larger needles. Oh yeah and I have to finish watching Fargo although I can practically recite it! I just love Frances McDormand's character.

Time to get ready for work. Hope you have some fun today!


Cat said...

I am so glad that you have everything all fixed. We don't have Cox here but I have nothing but good things about them.

I love the bag!!!


Devorah said...

Glad he was able to sort everything out and was nice viewing while he did it. ;-)

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