Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still Here!

Whoooa, I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted. I guess when I talk to y'all in my head, it should be while I'm at the keyboard. Sorry.

Lots going on here. Well, perhaps not a lot if compared to truly exciting lives, but certainly in mine.

WHEELS: First of all, after a couple of months of really unreliable transportation which culminated in antifreeze all over the driveway...and then after a couple of weeks while my vehicle was hospitalized, I once again have wheels. It was a great day when Lily came back home and I could drive without a light coming on or a gauge getting wonky. There is NO public transportation here. Rides to work weren't a problem and I occasionally got to go to Walmart but other than that I was home. Fortunately I can entertain myself pretty easily.

Then, the weekend after I got Lily home, there was an advertisement in our local paper about Tai-Chi classes starting. I knew the person getting it organized, called and signed up. I have been hoping for this for a long time. And I LOVE it! I used to have a tape given to me by someone who had studied for years but the tape broke and I was never quite sure what I was doing. Our instructor is a hoot! And no, I'm not going to try for a Jackie Chan movie. This is designed for seniors, although he does occasionally show us how the movement we are working on translates into martial art. But hey maybe I can be in a laxative commercial someday. And, doesn't requite that I go out and buy special clothing or mats or blocks or knit a mat bag. Or sit on the floor! I can sit there, I just can't get back up.

Yesterday I zoomed around doing errands and worked in the yard a bit, gave Lily a bath, did laundry. All that Saturday stuff. Today was going to be about staying in my pjs all day with some blog reading. I stopped at Laura's early...then followed a link to her friend's so I could look at a picture and at the end of that post saw a reference to these Cupcake Mitts. Oh the crow in me rejoiced at the bright colors and mixedy up stitches! Reminds me a lot of Kristin Nicholas' work..not that I've ever actually seen her books but I surely like the pictures! And, there was still a pattern left. Must have! Which would have been rather simple if I could have remembered my 'name' on Etsy or my password on Paypal. (I've been really trying to be frugal). Finally I got it all together and the pattern arrived in my mailbox. Gotta love the innernets!

But calls for DK yarn. I have nary a skein. OMG, I must have it NOW! So, sacrificing jammies, I got dressed and headed for my new (almost)LYS..SWAK in the City. I'm so glad those Guthrie ladies decided to open a store closer to me!

And the yarn? Berroco Comfort DK. Yeah, acrylic but the softest yarn I've ever felt. Love it!

So now, once I make supper and clean up, it's back to jammies and my knitting needles. I'll have to explain to the sock I just started that it gets to nap tonight so I can at least get a few rows done. case you wanted to know more about me...

Your Score: Rabbit

You scored 21 Ego, 14 Anxiety, and 18 Agency!

IT was going to be one of Rabbit's busy days. As soon as he woke up he felt important, as if everything depended upon him. It was just the day for Organizing Something, or for Writing a Notice Signed Rabbit, or for Seeing What Everybody Else Thought About It. It was a perfect morning for hurrying round to Pooh, and saying, "Very well, then, I'll tell Piglet," and then going to Piglet, and saying, "Pooh thinks--but perhaps I'd better see Owl first." It was a Captainish sort of day, when everybody said, "Yes, Rabbit " and "No, Rabbit," and waited until he had told them.

You scored as Rabbit!

ABOUT RABBIT: Rabbit is generally considered Clever by his many friends and relations. He is actually a much better reader and writer than Owl, but he doesn't consider it worth mentioning. Instead, Rabbit's real talent lies in Organizing Plans. He organizes rescue parties, makes schemes to reduce Tigger's bounciness, and goes on missions to find out what Christopher Robin does when he's not at the Hundred Acre Woods. Sometimes, however, his Plans do not always go as Planned.

WHAT THIS SAYS ABOUT YOU: You are smart, practical and you plan ahead. People sometimes think that you don't stress or worry, but this is not the case. You are the kind of person who worries in a practical way. You think a) What are my anxieties about and b)what can be done about them? No useless fretting for you. You don't see the point in sitting around and waiting for things to work out, when you could actually work them out today and save yourself a lot of time and worry. Your friends tend to rely on you, because they know that they can trust you help them work things out.

You sometimes tend to be impatient with people who are less practical in their ways. You don't have much patience for idiots who moan about things but never actually DO anything about them. You have high expectations of everyone, including yourself. When you don't succeed at something, or when something goes wrong despite your best efforts to prevent it, you can get quite hard on yourself. You need to cut yourself some slack and accept that everyone has their faults, even you, and THAT IS OKAY. Let yourself be faulty, every now and then, for the sake of your own sanity.

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ChelleC said...

Hi Susan now that is funny! I followed Laura's blog over here to find you. Glad you liked the Cupcake mitts. I finished one glove but need to do the embroidery and get started on the second glove. I'm kind of slow.

Sara said...

Cute, cute pattern for the mitts...and glad the car is fixed! And, all that good has been a quiet day today...well, sort of!

Devorah said...

What cute mitts! I can't wait to see yours done up!

Sorry about Lily. Glad that she is running again.


Susan said...

Hey Chelle, thanks for finding me! I guess we could have a contest to see who is the slowest but I'd be sure to win and then you'd be sad. :-( I've decided though that being slow is makes the yarn last longer so your budget is much happier.

Sara, it is really nice to have a car that will go down the road without having to shut one eye so you don't see the red light on the dash! j/k.

Devorah, I just love them. I really hope it doesn't take forever..or that the remaining red mitten from the last project doesn't get all cranky in the knit-nap box and sabotage me. As for Lily, she's going well for the moment. We just have to drive one day at a time *G*

Cat said...

I am so jealous you are taking Ta' Chai. It is one of those things I have always wanted to learn. Our community center (walking distance from my house) offers it I'm just waiting for them to start it up again.


Susan said...

Oh Cat, I think you'll love it. I know I surely do. I thought about skipping last night as my back had been being a bitch all day and I longed for the couch and a heating pad :-) But I went, and my back felt much better for it. And my brain felt more alert too. Maybe I don't breathe enough during the day?

Laura said...

Susan, you should get on Ravelry so you can see more of Chelle's projects. She's really great.

Love those colors you picked, too! Great stuff!

Susan said...

Laura, I am on Ravelry. I'm Reddirt. But I don't know how to find anyone. I haven't loaded up stash or projects ..mostly have used it as another source of information.