Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Confusion

My brain just isn't coping. After a busy weekend and an extra day off on Monday I totally have lost touch with the calendar.

Yesterday, to me was Monday all day and into the evening until I turned on the television and saw NCIS was on. UH oh, I totally missed the Tai Chi class. Thankfully my $$ pay for a certain number of classes so I won't lose one. Will have no clue what I am doing on Thursday though as we learn something new each time.

But, that being said, this confusion could be a good thing. For if I am a day behind, then Friday will arrive before I expect it and that's wonderful.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and truly believed it was Thursday. Now Friday will take an extra day to get here. :-(

Might as well just go with it. The weather man said, and I quote "Freezing rain which is ice" No S*** Sherlock. I could have never made that connection. And so, with that forecast in mind, and confusion rampant, I'll leave you with a picture of a summer sky.


Devorah said...

A little confusion is good for the soul. It keeps us on our toes and constantly guessing as to what is coming next.

Can you tell that I am going through this week as confused as you?


Sara said...

I love it - I'm always totally confused...

Cat said...

Weather people can be something else I tell you LOL. We have one that likes to drone on and on and he isn't past saying the same thing LOL.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and do hope you look up that cake recipe,it sure is tasty!