Saturday, February 16, 2008

Texas Bound (Maybe)

The plan for today is going to Texas for a wedding reception. It's still at 0710 kind of still up in the air. There's been some freezing rain with more expected but at the last news it's barely freezing and the ground temp is somewhat warm so maybe it's just bridges and overpasses. Thankfully I'm not driving!

The best part (besides getting to see folks I really love be happy) is getting to stay in a motel tonight! I LOVE staying in motels. Yah...I've heard all the horror stories about the bedclothes but I still love it.

Packing took longer than it should for just an overnight stay because I lost my list. Egads! And didn't even realize it until bedtime last night. So, everytime I did anything, I'd put it on the list. Brush teeth, check. Eye drops, check. Teddy bear, check. Jammies...well you get the idea. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought "Knitting". So I got up and put my sock bag on the table with the faux bowling ball bag travel case.

Now, if for some reason it gets cancelled, I won't be complaining at all. I busted my butt last night doing laundry, ironing, even stopped on the way home for a few groceries. So, I could be sitting here in sweats knitting, sewing and making spagetti.

Oh, and I printed out the "Rabbit" personality thing from a previous post and took it to work. My idea was that others could take it and we'd have a new and fun tool for enhancing work place cooperation. The general opinion was that mine was "soooo true"...but nobody else would take the test. I don't know if they just thought it was too stupid, or another of those weird Susan things. I was disappointed.

Of course the fact that most of them are either sick, or getting well, or getting sick might have something to do with it. There are some really rough GI and/or respiratory things going around. Thursday when I made one of the hospital runs, the ER was packed and there were people on gurneys in the halls with their IVs hooked up.

Crossing fingers and traveling with Zicam! Hope your weekend is way fun! Tell me what you're doing.


KatyaR said...

I hope to heck you're not going anywhere today--it's gross out there! And I don't think it's gonna get any better for a while.

Devorah said...

I hope you got to go. And I pray that you do NOT get the bugs going around. This flu is NASTY!

Cat said...

Oh I hope you have a blast. Be safe sweetie!!!! My Dad, niece and her gfriend are down for a few days.


Susan said...

Katya, we went..only ran into some slushy and/or slick bridges fairly close to home. Coming back we saw a lot of water in fields and the Canadian was up from when we left. It rained alllllll day and was wicked miserable but we had a great time.

Devorah, I'm hoping that I miss this stuff again. The Dec bit was enough for me. We did get to go and a fun time was had by all although the weather really sucked.

Cat, it was fun. Ohhh cool, I'm sure you're going to have a great few days with your loved ones

Laura said...

The Canadian! I miss the Canadian!!!

Oh, sorry, I was sidetracked. :D I'm the Rabbit, too. I loved that test. Their loss for not taking it themselves.