Monday, March 03, 2008

Lamb or Lion

Mostly VERY windy. The weekend was way warm. Tshirt weather outside, and mostly cloudy. All that has changed and today we are to have a bit of SNOW. It won't stick as the ground temp is too warm. Well maybe on a bridge or something like that but I don't think there will be any great photo ops.

I went to WM yesterday afternoon and one of my purchases was a yard of Peltex..a very very stiff interfacing to be used as a bag bottom. And no, it won't be that big. *G* Getting it the few steps to and across the porch was a trip as it really wanted to be a big sail. And I didn't want to smash it and make creases.

The hat continues. I've got my muscle memory of 1:1 twisted rib back so am able to watch tv while I knit. Or in my case, DVDs. I have some of those really cheapy ones that you sometimes see at checkout lanes and watched a couple of them. One was various mystery/detective tv shows. Can you imagine Dragnet without the DUM DE DUM DUM music? I'm not sure why they could put the show on there but not the signature music. It's not a intricate hat but I like the way the top looks in it's photo. We shall see. I'll have to get a ballon and make a hat stand.

I'm using Paton's Wool Merino Natural Mix I'm really liking the way this feels in my hands. The color could be more exciting :-), but it was on sale and this was the color choice.

The yarn I dyed is going to be drying for awhile I think. Not probably the smartest day to dye..moisture in the air is definitely going to effect the drying time. But I suddenly wanted lime green yarn and amazingly enough I got it.

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Fingering
Dye: 4 packs of lemon-lime Kool Aid and a squirt or two of McCormick's Neon Green food coloring.
Dissolved in a coffee pot of water..poured on the yarn and microwaved for 3 - 3 minute cycles with rest periods in between. I didn't pour all of the dye on the yarn..much of it accidentally went down the drain. The yarn did take up all the color.
Just to be sure, I washed it and the water remained clear.

Maybe it will be socks. Maybe it will live forever in the skein. I just needed to dye.

Off to get ready for the day at work.


Cat said...

OMG I love that green. we've had nice weather but it looks tomorrow will be stormy and windy.
That Paton's does look nice. Not sure what is going on but I've been in the mood for earthtones and naturals.


Devorah said...

What a great color to start March with! St. Patrick's Day socks perhaps?

Susan said...

Cat, sounds like good knitting weather to me. I'd not used this Paton's before, and I'm really liking it even if it is a bit drab. Now that it's drier, I think I need to do a bit of overdying. The main color I like, but the lighter parts that didn't get as much dye are really rather icky.

Devorah, I wish! I'll have to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the end of March if there are to be socks. Or, maybe I could call in a lot of mental health days *G*