Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Ohhh...what an exciting title! But I get excited about small things and my friends get tired of hearing some of it so I'll just talk to myself here..and maybe a couple of y'all.

The grocery nearest my house is not a big showplace kind of store. A lot of space, great prices, a lot of brands you've never heard of. But there is some good stuff there. There are a lot of Hispanics here and this store has a lot of products made in Mexico, or labeled in Spanish. A cool area in produce with bushel baskets of produce I don't recognize. The bestest shredded cheese. And occasionally loaves of bread whose bag is decorated with this a soccer player.

But this is about soap.

Ingredients: Tallowate (lye, steam and fat), cocoate (fatty acids of coconut) and scent. That's it. No long lists of chemicals, and who knows what all that I see on other labels.

Lots and lots of lather.

And the scent? Well one would think it smells like roses, but actually it smells like clean.

And price? It was on special for 35 cents! I wish I'd bought a dozen.

In other news, soon I will be the proud owner of a pound of angora fleece. A wonderful person in my local fiber group has been very, very ill. She was in the hospital forever almost, and is now in an LTAC (long term acute care)facility. Recently it was shearing day at her family's place and they listed all the fleece on the list. Duh..that sounded weird. So, I spent some of the can money on one of the smaller amounts. I've bought curls from them before just cause they're pretty. I've been instructed on how to clean this fleece and I can't wait. I hope it's not offended that I have no clue of what to do with it after that. And, some day I hope I get to go meet #556. Come home Emm!

And in even more news (can you stand the excitement?) while I watched primary returns from the neighbor to the south and the cornfields, I got the swift and ball winder out last night and wound the lime green yarn. I think it might become Monkey socks. Probably not in time for St. Patrick's Day, but hopefully before summer LOL

Tub time now so I can slide down Hump Day cleanly! Love ya!


Cookie said...

Can you go back and get more? :D Isn't it amazing how much better the simpler products can be?

I can't wait to see what you do with the fleece.

Monkey socks are almost always the right answer. ;^)


Laura said...

From what my Mom told me today, you'd better hurry down and stock up. Since it's now illegal, I mean, since it's now ENFORCED, illegal aliens are no longer able to work in Oklahoma. She's told me since the tougher laws have passed, Walmart no longer gives the announcements in Spanish and English. Also, there's not as many people everywhere, they've left for states with illegal alien tolerant laws.

As for excitement... Now you see why I blog so intermittently. :D Not much action over here, unless you count feeding animals and hoarding yarn.

Susan said...

Cookie, it sort of makes you wonder what all those other ingredients are supposed to do for you besides cost more money. Next thing, I'll be looking for Jergens lotion...what a deju vu moment that would be.

Laura, it's just stupid, stupid, stupid. I know a hell of a lot of lazy assed anglos...maybe we should send them somewhere.
Haha! Maybe someday they'll have awards for non-exciting blogs and I'll get nominated.

Devorah said...

Ah, they'll be back. As soon as those lazy anglos realize that there is no one to do the hard work ...

Go Socks!!! I can't wait to see how they turn out.