Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ravelry Etiquette

Question. If you want to add someone to your "friends" group, are you supposed to message them and ask if it's ok? This isn't someone I really know, but rather someone that I read and admire.


Sara said...

Well, if it is someone that you don't really know - I would send them a message - letting them know that you read and admire them and would it be okay to add them as a friend. That's what I did with someone I had never me - but lives in the next town over from me.

Laura said...

Yikes! I just add them, no asking or anything. Then, if they want to, they can add me as a friend. If they don't, it's ok, especially if it's more of an admire from afar thing. Usually, I'm thrilled when someone has added me as a friend, so I can't imagine anyone else not liking it.

Elabeth said...

I always just add people. I actually find it kind of weird when someone messages me to ask if it's ok. It's a public forum. If I had super secret friends only stuff to say I wouldn't put it on there. haha Of course I don't add people back just because they've added me. I don't always want to read all their stuff or see all their projects in my list. That's not personal either.