Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Question about Netflix

I'm thinking about signing up since my DVD player is now functional and I have a question and I haven't found an answer on their site.

If you choose a multi-disc selection like a season of tv show, does it count as one, or does it count by the disc. And, do you get them all at once or one at a time.

Thanks for any info you can share. Oh, and if you use them does it work as well as they say?


Kay said...

If you choose a show such as the Sopranos, season one, there are 5-6disks. It shows up on your queue as 5-6 individual selections. So it depends on how many disks are in a season and yes, each one counts as an individual item. I LOVE Netflix.

Kay said...

Oops, I forgot the last part. Since Netflix opened a mail center in OKC it is fast. I mail a disk on Monday and most often they get it Tuesday and are sending me the next selection from my queue. I also love their selection process as they keep making many tweeks so it is very easy and gives lots of info when you are making your selections.

Cat said...

Hey how did you know what I was going to blog about?
OMG you will love Netflix. I know I do. I have there smaller account - 2 disks at a time. You get one disk at a time, but like Kay said above ^ turn around is very fast. We have a mail center in Greensboro and my turn around is like Kay's.
Also, and this is very cool, as I just discovered it yesterday. If your dialup/bandwidth is fast enough you can watch movies on your computer and it does not go against your disk count, and best of all it is free.