Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Riddle Me This

With apologies to Ms. Gilbert, here's the beginning of my Bird in Hand mitten. Apologies because I've changed something. Watch a DVD, think I'm a designer? No, not at all! I was supposed to be doing plain knitting for a few rows and then an Estonian Braid before the color started. And try as I might, I just couldn't figure out the braid. So I did a few rows of 1/1 ribbing followed by a rows of purling. This is soooooooooooo fun although I am very slow. It may be a lifetime project.

Now, I'm puzzled though. See on the pattern ... the little red box? I don't know what it means. I thought about emailing Ms. Gilbert, but I figured it's probably something most everyone knows, so I thought I would try y'all first.

Oh and yes I write on my hand. For things I can't forget. I may lose a stickie note but hopefully I won't lose track of my hand. This has to stay until in the morning.

It's been a really good week here. Fun knitting, good weather, and yesterday when I took a fall on the sidewalk, nothing got really hurt except my pride! But that's ok, cause nobody saw me. Heh.


Crystal said...

Susan...that's the repeat part of the pattern. Row/round 1 is one blue, two whites, two blues all the way around. Then you switch to three white, one blue for the second round.

Devorah said...

O.k., the question was already answered. The mitt looks good so far!

Sara said...

I had no idea what that damn little red box was for! Now I know!

BTW - what do you mean you fell? You just kind of slipped that in there just in case we weren't paying attention.

I gotta tell you I've been most careful going out lately because the frost heaves do not just apply to the roads here - they also do a number on the sidewalks...

PS...the mitten looks great!

Laura said...

Yeah, what Sara said! Both about the fall and the mitten.

I've been hiding from the Estonian Braid, myself. It's pretty, but scary.

~France* said...

Because I'm not a knitter, I will just say that I am glad you only hurt your pride, and also glad no one saw ya! That's usually more embarrassing!

Take care sweetee!