Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday Post on Tuesday

Monday's post had to be stopped quickly due to thunder/lightning and it didn't save. So here it goes again.

The weekend was just great! The laundry was finally all dry and I discovered that ironing during the Sunday morning news shows is therapeutic. Worried about the economy? Get rid of a wrinkle. Frustration at politics in general? Set a crease. And so it goes.

A tip. If you hang your laundry in the kitchen doorway to dry, do NOT fry chicken while it's up there. It certainly negates any clean laundry smell.

But the highlight of Saturday was finally hearing Mama Squid's voice. I was so excited and I'm afraid I babbled quite a lot. Oh well, I do that here so she's probably used to it. Thanks Devorah!! It means a lot to me.

Later that night, I discovered that Kate Gilbert's Bird in Hand mittens now have a KAL just starting. I've loved this pattern since I first saw it, but I don't know how to do stranded knitting. Then I discovered that the KAL is a part of WEBS "Ready, Set, Knit" podcast. And on that page there were instructions and such to download. I may figure this out yet! And have new friends to listen to. Haven't made it that far yet but pages are printed out. (Adding to the stacks, Devorah :-))

Oh goodness! It's thundering again. I'll be back and even put in the links.

Back again. OK where was I?

Sunday. So, the ironing's don. A beautiful day and a perfect one for a drive to the City. Finally I got to go see my long-hospitalized friend. She's now in a LTAC (long term acute care) ICU and oh...it's the most wonderful place. Her room is huge. Big, big tv. Nice furniture. Looks more like a very large living room with a lot of light. And she's doing much better! Go Em!

And there was a quick stop at a LYS for one skein of Cascade 220. White. Nothing exciting but I needed a contrast for the turquoise color in my stash. Oddly enough, one of the LYS' has quit carrying that yarn. They now have a new-to-me yarn called Riverstone, I believe. I'll have to find out why.

Then home for more listening to podcasts. How cool that in some places you can actually have knitting shows on the local radio station.

And then there was swatching. I took the pic before I really measured because it was bedtime. Let's just say that I didn't get the stitches per inch that I needed. And to keep me company while I swatched, I enjoyed a phone convo with Sara! Does giggling affect swatches? So..more swatching in my future.

And apparently, more thunder. Bye!


Sara said...

See what happens when we talk and giggle and try to swatch at the same time! It was fun! Gotta do it more often...

Devorah said...

What a nice weekend! It was great talking to you as well. Thanks for the shoulder.