Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lucky Me!

Do y'all read the Farm Witch's blog? Or do you have any of her yarn or fiber? Well...I do! Awhile back she had a little giveaway and guess who got the prize. That's! The picture of the yarn is at the bottom of that post and it's better than mine. I just couldn't quite get it all to show up right. But still, it's gorgeous. A wool/silk 50/50 single of pure orgasmic fiber. I've NEVER seen yarn this marvelous much less actually owned it.

She sent a card with it, and in it said that the reason it was delayed was because as she got ready to send it she noted that some loops were out of place which would have made it hard to wind so she rewound, washed and dried it again.

At first I thought I would just leave it in the skein and admire it, but I can't. I must wind it up in a cake just so the loveliness can go through my fingers and I can admire all the variations of color. Now to figure out something to knit with it. Any ideas?? I guess I should figure out the yardage, eh? But please, if you have any ideas tell me.

And Josette, you are one amazing lady!


Devorah said...

Lucky you! Knit happy!

Cat said...

Mmmm how wonderful. I love the variegation. Lucky you!!!