Saturday, July 05, 2008

Some Specs

OK...before I wound it into a cake, I put the skein down on the table. Without stretching it, it measured 24 inches on a long side, but the sides were close together. I guess I should have used a tape measure intead of a yard stick and measured all around. And I counted 89 strands. So 89 x 48 inches? And that would be
4272 inches. Divide that by 36 and it would be about 118.666666666 etc yards. Well more, cause I didn't count the curves at the ends. Then I wound it into a very loose cake because it said it didn't want to be stretched. And then, I weighed it. Now that's probably not too accurate. I don't have a drug scale, only a kitchen scale that I got for a $1 at a garage sale but it says it weighs 4 oz. Is there another something I should do? How do you do wpi?

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Devorah said...

Enough for a dressy scarf?