Monday, July 21, 2008

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Boy, that went way too fast. Maybe it was those naps that make me think I fell into an alternate time zone! It was just HOT. So the only outside stuff that got done was a wee bit of weeding at 6 AM yesterday morning.

Zoey seems to be just fine. Gave her a buzz cut yesterday morning and she's quit looking like she might melt. I don't think I need to quit my day job and take up dog grooming though ::shrug::

And the sock continues to grow and I continue to love knitting it. Now that I'm on the foot it just speeds along since the pattern is only on two needles. I did take an update pic before bed last night. But I guess my mind was on sleep instead of photographing because it was all crooked on my foot and you can't really see the pattern. Not only should I not knit after 9, but take photos too, I guess.

Hope your weekend was great and your week even better!


Cat said...

I agree the weekend went extremely fast. I guess it didn't help that the hubby worked Saturday.

Glad to hear Zoey is doing better. I am sure she appreciate the hair cut.


Devorah said...

Yes, the weekend went far too quickly. Glad that your's was a good one.