Friday, July 18, 2008


Yesterday was one of those use-it-or-lose-it vacation days. Preplanned for about umm 48 hours. And, indeed I did have plans. So it was up at the usual time 0500; laundry was washed; and after my cereal off to the laundromat. By 0900 I was back at home with clean clothes/linens etc and had done the grocery shopping. The grocery was having a sale and KoolAid was 12 for $1 so I stocked up for dyeing fun.

Did a bit of ironing and then sat down to make a list because I was going to the City! Was going to go to the yarn store and show off the handspun that Josette sent me and hopefully get some ideas on something cool to knit with it. And to Barnes and Noble and out for a late lunch.

So I'm making this list, and my dog Zoey starts making some weird thumping sounds. Sort of like if she scratches her ear and her foot hits the floor. She was on the other side of the table so I leaned around to see what she was doing and it looked like she was scooting her butt.

"Hey! Don't do that, let's go outside!" That's when I realized what she was trying to do was stand up. She'd been sleeping soundly for awhile and I know sometimes after a good night's sleep bodies can get rather creaky. I went over and helped her up only to catch her as she fell over to the left. She's looking at me like HELP. I rubbed her left leg and hip a bit. No owies noted but she just couldn't stand. I called the vet and scooped her up and off we went. Carrying her big self down the steps was a trick but she was very quiet and not trying to get down so that helped.

By the time we got out there she could stand for a second or two..thank goodness he helped me get her on the table. He wiggled everything still no owies noted. She had a bit of a temp and let him know what she thought about rectal temps by pooping on the table (NOT something she would normally do). He suggested that I leave her for a bit and I agreed.

Well, that cancelled any plans to go to the City. It was not that I could do anything by staying home, but I just wanted to stay close in case I was needed. So back home. I tried knitting on my sock but I was too antsy to settle. So I did some house stuff and tended to some paperwork. Finally he called me about 3 and said she had just been sleeping but was now up and moving a bit in her big cage and told me to come out about 5:30. Left me enough time to run to the next town where I got a birthday card for The Boy (it had to be one that 'sings') and found a new issue of Simply Knitting.

Went to pick her up and she just seems fine! He has me giving her an NSAID twice a day as he's thinking it is related to some disk problems. We shall see. I think it looked more like a TIA. Although those usually affect a whole side instead of just one extremity.

Finally got supper done and cleaned up and just sat down to knit when the doorbell rang. It was The Girl and her sister with good news. It seems that Dad may not have to go to Iraq after all. :::crossing fingers and toes::: And by the time they left it was bedtime. Maybe knitting tonight.


Dave Daniels said...

Oh, Susan, I hope Zoey is going to be ok. My heart just sinks hearing your story. And they can't tell us what's wrong. (Aside from pooing on the counter!)
Last week, I had a similar use-it day off, and it involved lots of spinning, beer and Mexican take out!

Sara said...

Susan, Is Zoey okay today? Oh, that is so scary!

Good news that maybe everyone will be happy with a no Iraq situation!!!

KatyaR said...

I'm glad to hear Zoey's okay. It's always scary when something happens to our fur babies.

Devorah said...

Ooh! I hope Zoey is all better. That sounds really scary!


Cat said...

Oh Susan I hope Zoey is okay. I so feel for you hon. What is TIA?

Keeping you and family in thoughts and prayers.


~FParis said...
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~FParis said...

O sweetee, I'm sorry you and Zoey had to go thru that! Glad she is OK now, and hope she gets better and better and stays that way!

Also glad to hear about The Girls dad ... just the thought of him not going back is a better way of thinking, eh? I find it hard to believe The Boy is 18!!! Wow, how time flies!

Sorry, too, to read about a death close to home! I send all good thoughts your way (((((friend)))))

PS: Are you a *fairy* yet?