Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An evening out, and a wagging tail

Yes, me...out in the evening! Whoa! But lest you get too excited, let me just explain that it was an evening out with The Girl..at the library! It seems they have a tween book club thing but they also have the girls bring their mom, aunt, teacher, whatever female adult they choose. And she chose me reportedly saying "I'll bring Susu. She likes weird stuff" LOL. It wasn't weird at all, and I was glad that I had actually finished the book...umm while eating supper. The odd thing is that The Girl love the library, but says she doesn't like to read. ::shrug::: I dunno.

It was fun listening to the young ones discuss the book and relate it to their lives. The moderator, or whatever you call the leader, did a good job of asking leading questions. And The Girl somehow managed to tie her Dad into a book about a girl saving buffalo. His stay in Afghanistan has been extended for who-knows-how-long..certainly not him. And she's very upset about it. I really thought her silly social self paid little attention to the news but on this I am wrong. And she asks him questions, and apparently he answers truthfully but without a lot of details. I hate it that she has to worry about something other than what shirt to wear to school.

Anyway, we did that and since there wasn't a lot of knitting time left once I got home, I decided to work on the gusset for the Seriatim sock. It was gusset day. I didn't think I'd get it done, but I could at least start it. But before that, I sang to the dog. shut up...she thinks I sing beautifully!
And that's why I sing to her. Usually silly songs that I make up as I go along. So, I get out the sock and put it on my lap, and then start the singing. A song about a goofy dog that can't go to the library. And she's wagging her tail and either having a good time or being polite. But, it involves much tail wagging and she has a big tail. And unknown to me the sock falls off my lap, the needle falls out and the tail wagging catches the yarn. Enough said. but the heel flap is reknitted. *G*

I am getting such a kick out of this day-by-day tutorial. I think it would be fun to do a mystery quilt block sometime. What can I say...I'm easily entertained.

Oh there is a bit of big news. Yesterday I ordered a swift! Had a 40% off coupon from JoAnns and I decided it's time! Of course, now I'll have to order some yarn so I can try it out.

Anything new in your life?


Cookie said...

And here I thought you spent last night watching CSI. *L* Sounds like a fun outing. Even if it wasn't weird. ;^)

I can't wait to see the socks. Congrats on the swift! You'll love it.

Sara said...

Yea! You got a swift! I love mine!

BTW, I sing to the dogs and cats...usually to Rupert...we have a thing we do most mornings after we put grammy on the bus for day-out. He and I cuddle under a blanket and I sing "Rupie is the baby, the baby, the baby. Rupie is the baby, the baby, the boy!" until he cuddles up and goes to sleep. We sleep for about an hour together...

Devorah said...

I love your relationship with The Girl. It is so good that she has an adult she can depend on in this world.

Susan said...

Cookie, oh there was still CSI. Had to see what happened with Delco...and watch H adjust his sunglasses. I think I'll order some yarn from Knitpicks so I'll have something to swift...errr wind LOL

Sara, you sing you and Rupert to sleep. How fun! I'm really looking forward to not having to figure out which chair or tv table will work as a swift *G*

Susan said...

Devorah, I'm the lucky one in that relationship. She has brought me so much love and fun...and tries so hard to keep me up to date on all the current crazes *G*. She has a several good adults in her life..we all seem to fill a specific niche for her.

Ann said...

Whoo hooo..you are entering the world of SWIFTDOM! Yeah, you will find yourself wanting yarn just to use that darn swift with.

Good for you!

Hmmm..new in my life? Maybe just a light dusting of snow? :o)