Wednesday, February 28, 2007

~~there's something happenin' here
what it is ain't exactly clear~~

with apologies to Buffalo Springfield which sang it much better. And yes, I was of age during protest songs. They helped shape who I am, I think, and often old lyrics pop into my head during the appropriate moments.

I seem to be past my SSS moments although that may be because I haven't worked on my sock. :-o But all around me, tempers and emotions seem to be on edge. In real life, in the blogiversary, it must have to do with the moon.

I have hope though, brought to me by Pink. No, not the singer, although I really like her..but the color pink and the person in my life most associated with that color. Because look what arrived in my mail box! A total surprise inside a shiny blue envelope. Look at all of these treasures. A Hello Kitty pouch now resting in my sock bag for the things I reach for most often. A new little notebook and a pen. How clever since I'd just used the last page in my old one. Sticky notes (can you ever have too many? Nope, especially since I use them to mark my place on patterns) Handmade stitch markers. Just the right size and not really dangly so they won't get stuck on the yarn. And nail clippers...much safer than rummaging in the bag for pointy scissors. Chocolate! There were two, the other one isn't pretty any more.

And, OMG, a hat for me. Knitted by a real person! It's my very first knitted gift. fits! Yay me! The color is off in the picture but I can't seem to capture it. It's a very dark grape-y purple. And ever so soft. A gorgeous card. It really looks like you should be able to reach out and feel the petals.

And last, but by far from the least, Stickers! Except for The Girl, most think I'm too old for stickers. But I disagree. And obviously, so does Cookie. Thanks so much! You made my day!

And so, I smile. I have somewhere to live. I have things to do that I love. I can walk and talk and think. I have the most wonderful friends. And, I have new shiny stickers!


Sara said...

OMG - I love stickers! I use them on most of my personal mail - even sometimes on bills!!!

Great stuff you got there, girl!

Cookie said...

No one is ever too old for stickers!

I should have knit you a pink a hat. ;^)

Sheri said...

Never too old for stickers or presents or dolls (seen my blog lately). You are very lucky!
Sheri in GA

Ann said... she not the sweetest? I am all of the surprise your friends instead of swapping thing...

Were your ears burning tonight Knitty Otter and I were talking about you!

Susan said...

Sara, I knew you were a kindred spirit! I just sent out bills with Valentine Hershey kisses stamps on them. I don't love bills, but I love the fact that having them means I have utilities and cable and a roof over my head.

Cookie, nah...I like my grape hat! I wore it for awhile yesterday. Not because it was cold, just cause I wanted to..and I think it made me knit better

Sheri, I agree I am very lucky. I saw an ad on tv for build-a-lamb and thought of you :-)

Ann, I dunno. It was awfully nice having you for my Color partner. That little bag you sent me is now my sock bag.
My ears did get a bit hot but I thought that was because I was wearing my new hat and it was very warm in here. Lucky you to meet KO!
I got YOUR card yesterday! The mail has been very good to me this week. Thank you so much if the yarn would arrive.