Sunday, February 04, 2007

FOs and UFOs

Here is the scarf I started last night using the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf pattern. Every row is the same, so it will be good tv knitting, or just a couple rows of knitting before work. And since the yarn is chunky, maybe I'll get to wear it before Easter. Not that I know when Easter is this year. Perhaps I should check on that. Deadlines and all, you know.

Honesty may be the best policy but it's a bit embarrassing. After loving the last pair of fingerless mitts (and geez perhaps I should have taken their picture before I'd worn them the last five days or maybe I did) I decided that I should learn to make whole mittens. With thumbs and everything. Because I truly lust after Devorah's Fair Isle mittens. And because perhaps knowing how to make a mitten would be needed before I even considered learning Fair Isle. So...mittens here I come. I chose a little pattern that made practice mittens with small amounts of yarn. That I have. And obviously, I'm going to have to practice more. A video of me making these would score big on YouTube I'm afraid. At times I felt like a contortionist as I worked on the thumbs and the tops aren't much better. Can I say I was in a hurry??? No wait.... I did this in order to give all beginning knitters much courage. Surely they can do better than this! But hey, they are my first ones and will keep a teddy bears paws warm. And she can stash jelly beans in the thumbs. Did I tell you that I got a bag of jelly beans yesterday? Ha! I surely did, partially to console myself that once again Candyopolis didn't have BBBat suckers, and partially because I like jelly beans. All different flavors so every one is a surprise. Is it chocolate or watermelon or bubble gum or cherry? Such the adventure.

I started my Kalidescope Shut Up and Knit Your Cabin Cove socks this morning. Well I started one. But I'm still on the top ribbing, so I'll wait until I get into the pattern to show them off. At the last minute I totally changed my mind about the pattern I was going to use. Maybe because this one actually starts with ribbing, and I love 2x2 ribbing for some reason. It's just tidy. I can't knit more on them for awhile because my back really started throwing a fit. Sitting was no longer an option, but standing up wasn't bad so I tidied up the pantry and took out the trash and other assorted exciting things. Thanks to legal drugs though, it's much improved although I think I have about reached my sitting limits once again. I'm not sure though that my brain is entirely rational or functional. I baked one of those little cans of biscuits and happily loaded a couple with butter and what I thought was grape jelly. but umm, when I took a bite I discovered that I had loaded them with barbeque sauce. ewwww not the expected taste treat. But hey, the jelly and the bbq are both in squeeze bottles. Anyone could have made that mistake, right?

I think I'll go lie (lay?) down now and watch some more forensic stuff. laters....


Devorah said...

Some people would say that BBQ biscuits are a delicacy. I, however, am not one of them. Eww!

The mittens look funky but they might actually work. I didn't think the thumbs on sis's mittens would work but they did.

Susan said...

Devorah, funky is a very kind word in this instance *G*. I think much practicing is in my future! As for the bbq biscuits..well they would probably have been fine with ribs, but certainly not when you're expecting jelly LOL

Cookie said...

Those mitts look just fine for a first try. I think they take a little time to understand. Not unlike socks.

Now I want biscuits. :?

Ann said...

now I am hungry for biscuits! I'll pass on the bbq sauce though!