Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Part 1. Well not really. I started out thinking I was going to use one pattern, then switched to another pattern, but that one didn't show up well. So I settled on a 3rd. This is my first attempt at knitting something other than 2x2 ribbing and whoa is it ever fun! I'm knitting Monkey from the winter 06 Knitty. And it's also written in words instead of only having a chart. It took me all evening to get this far since I was going really slowly and carefully. And so far, no miscounts, no mistakes, no tinking. However, when I stuffed my foot through it to see how the pattern looked when it wasn't all scrunched up I made a rather important discovery. I think it's too big! Maybe it's too soon to tell? Maybe I need to do a swatch????? But even too big, it's surely pretty! I love the 1x1 twisted rib ribbing. I love how the colors shift sideways. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn. Absolutely no splitting or any other little traits that make knitting more difficult. It's a good thing there is no time limit on this KAL because it will, at this rate, be quite awhile before I have one sock, much less two. But it's just soooo much fun!


Dave Daniels said...

Wow, your Monkey looks great! I can see how the colors move in the cable.
Personally, I love a lose sock.

Devorah said...

It is probably still a bit early to tell but you might want to go with your gut and go down a needle size. I did it with a similar weight yarn on zeros and it is a bit snug on Squidette but she like it like that. I'll probably go up a needle size when I make them for myself.

Ann said...

I love that pattern...printing it out right now...to at least pretend I might make them some day.


Susan said...

Dave, it's so much fun watching the colors move. Maybe I'm just easily amused LOL. I can't do really really tight, but I would like for it to stand up so that you could see the pattern. I think it would be fun too to use it in a pattern where there was a zigzag pattern...like in a ripple crochet afghan. But I couldn't find a pattern like that...so..wish me luck *G*

My current idea is to go ahead and knit another repeat or two and check it again, but in the meantime I think I will also start another in a smaller size. I have some size 1 1/2 dpns but no #1s. Will the 1 1/2 make much difference?? Or should I plan a road trip to the LYS?

Ann, they are really fun, but definitely not mindless knitting! I'm not sure if I will carry the pattern across the top of my foot or just do the top part. In rl, I've only had one pair of socks that had a fancy foot, and they weren't very comfy.

Laura said...

Wow! I goof off for a couple of days and look what I missed! Lovely stuff from Dave's yarn. I must make the same pair of socks, I must... I like your colorway better, but that pattern is gorgeous.

I'm proud of you making the mittens after all. See? Piece of cake. :)

Susan said...

Laura,I'm not sure about the piece of cake part...more like ummm a pile of ...yarn, that's it!

this pattern is the most complex thing I have ever done and you would have thought I'd just won an Academy Award when I finished the first repeat and it was correct LOL

victoria said...

Oh Susan! Beautiful!

Susan said...

Vicki, thanks! I know that the yarn is beautiful...I find it amazing that I haven't made a mistake yet. Quite the change from 2x2 ribbing!