Sunday, February 04, 2007

Saturday, Sisters, and Shoes

It was a verrrry long week here on the prairie. Besides being end-of-month which means lots of addtitional things that have to be done now, one of our trio was gone. My dear friend and co-worker Jackie was at the bedside of her hubby who was having some time in the hospital. She actually said she'd rather be at work. And I don't blame her for that, and I wish she was there also. She does the bulk of phone answering, among a lot of other things. So I got that job. I always smile when I answer the phone as I've heard it makes your voice sound more friendly, but by the end of the days I was hoping that a grimace would work as well. I laughingly told someone I was going to change my answering blurb to Name-of-Business, this is Susan and would you just leave us alone???

Thursday night after I had my supper, I thought I would just stretch out on the loveseat and watch This Old House and then knit. It was 7 pm. I next awakened at 9:30, knitting still in my hand and no stitches lost. Up long enough to have a chocolate donut, a drink of water and off to bed where I slept until 5 the next morning!!

So, I was looking for a stay at home Saturday but that changed in a major way. Back at the first part of January, I mentioned that The Girl had been cyber-reunited with her dad (he's in Afghanistan). As the days went by, she also discovered that she had 3 sisters, all of whom had known about her for sometime. Thanks to My Space they were able to see each other and chat there as well as on the phone. A meetup was planned and replanned and replanned due to the winter storms. But yesterday here they came with their mom. One is a bit older than The Girl(from a prior relationship on Dad's part), one also almost the same age and sharing the same name, and a toddler. It had been decided that the plan would be to go out and eat and do a mall crawl. I mean...they are teen and tween and shopping is THE thing to do! So Friday evening The Girl calls and says "Susu, I really wish you'd go with us. They know all about you and want to meet you too" I was so honored to be included so Saturday morning, I got all slicked up..ok my jeans were clean, and went down the street to my friend Mac's (and The Girl's great aunt and where she and her brother spend most of their time) await their arrival. What a great group of kids and I adore their mom. She's a really good one, and lots of fun. The older girls were very friendly and included us grownups as if we were a real part of the day. I admit to being a bit scared of teenagers LOL. And the toddler is such a cutie and a real trouper at the mall.

While in Claire's, a jewelry/accessory store much loved by The Girl, I was happily checking out all the Hello Kitty stuff when the middle one called me over to check out a Hello Kitty skin for an iPod. I told her I didn't have an iPod yet, and without batting an eye she said "Well, just remember where you saw this so after you save up and get one, you can get one of these too" A number of times I would hear one of them remark about a price "Like I'm going to pay this much!" even when it was a fair amount so it wasn't one of those buy me, buy me sort of days.

I did make some purchases. A pair of shoes for only $14. Fit great and really comfortable. The ice and ice melt have played havoc with my shoes. I really, really wanted the Chuck Taylor navy pin-striped high tops though!!! Just not in my budget right now. And a new wallet thingy..on sale for $3. At least I should be able to see it in my bag. My other was black and would disappear and scare the heck out of me. And some Lion Brand Chunky Woolease on sale for $3 a skein so I'll make a scarf for me!. And, perhaps best of all, a new addition to my rubber ducky collection. Check this out! Lots of fun for $1.99. She's going to grow today although the instructions say it will take 72 hours for her to completely grow up. And then, when you take her out of the water, she'll gradually shrink back to little bitty.

The very best part of the day was watching the girls interact. They were delighted with each other and lots of giggling went on. As well as use of cell phones so that sister could talk to other sister's boyfriend. This whole thing had the potential for being an emotional disaster. And it was as far on the other end of the spectrum as one could imagine.

In the center of this mall was a children's area and they even had a carousel. I loved the colors on this rabbit, and couldn't pass up a pic of this self-sufficient kitty *G*

There is almost some knitting to show. I have to finish up one thing and then I'll be back later, so stay tuned for more excitement LOL


Devorah said...

What a great experience for both you and The Girl. I am so glad it went well!

Susan said...

Oh me too! I'm thinking that the repeated cancellations due to weather and other things worked really well. Gave them a lot more phone time so they really weren't total strangers. And I give a lot of credit to the sisters' mom, too.

Cookie said...

I'm so glad it went well and that they seem to all be well grounded girls.

Where was that Hello Kitty skin? :D