Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Laura, are we twins???

Well..no I guess not since I'm significantly older than Laura. But I saw this test over at her place and we came out the same color. I guess I need to redecorate.

Your Blog Should Be Yellow

You're a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh.
You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link.
You're also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.

And, I think Ann should take this test. And maybe she can tell me how to pronounce my first name *G*

Your Irish Name Is...

Aoife O'Leary


Ann said...

Hey my blog color was yellow too!
My irish name is much easier to pronounce-Avril Burke

~FParis said...

That profile of you is RIGHT ON indeed!!

Sara said...

Hey, thanks for letting me steal the Irish name thing....

Laura said...

:) While "Laura" isn't an Irish name, my maiden name is, so I'm going with what I've got.

In the meantime, I HAD to take another test and found these results:

You Are Beer!
You don't need to get totally wasted when you hit the bars.
More of a social drinker, you just like to have fun with your friends.
And as long as the beer keeps flowing, you're a happy camper.
But don't mix things up: "Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker!"What Alcoholic Drink Are You?

(fingers crossed my HTML skills work)

Susan said...

Sara, it's like freecyle for blogs *G* I did learn my name is pronounced Eva or Ava and I was a famous warrior woman.

Laura, your html skills are still intact. Here's me..
You are the kind of drinker who appreciates a nice hard drink.
And for you, only quality alcohol. You don't waste your time on the cheap stuff.
Obviously, you're usually found with a martini in your hand. But sometimes you mix it up with a gin and tonic.
And you'd never, ever consider one of those flavored martinis. They're hardly a drink!

Which is rather weird since if I've had a martini, I've forgotten what it tasted like. But now, G&T..yes I love that! btw, what are beer goggles???

cat said...

Wow when you find out how to pronounce it let us know.


Laura said...

LOL about beer goggles! Not that I've ever had them very bad, but beer goggles happen when you drink so much beer, it makes anyone good looking.

This is a good example of such: Denmark Beer Commercial It's one of my favorites.